How To Get Started With Openfit Nutrition

How To Get Started With Openfit Nutrition

How many times have you heard the saying “great results start in the kitchen?”

It’s true. However, knowing what to eat, how much to eat, and how to put it all together can be a challenge.

Openfit is here to help.

Within the app, we make it easy to eat healthy by providing healthy recipes, meal plans, and a food tracker. Combine that with our fun workouts and you’ll be well on your way to seeing serious results!

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What Nutrition Features Are in the Openfit App

Personalized Meal Plan

After answering a few questions, we’ll recommend a healthy menu option for each day of the week that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks.

Every meal plan will fall within your recommended macros and will exclude any food you have already said no to. Can’t eat gluten or dairy? Let us know so we can remove it from your plan.


Meals That Fit Your Preferences

Want to swap a recipe? Simply tap the screen and replace any meal with the one you desire!

Openfit in App Nutrition

Cooking Tips

If you’re new to the kitchen, don’t worry. For each basic recipe, we’ll provide you with some quick tips to make the experience less painful.


The Ability To Track Your Food

No matter how much you love your meal plan, we realize you’ll deviate from it on occasion. So, we’ve also built in the ability to track what you eat instead using the foods available in our extensive database.


Macronutrient Tracking

You’ll receive updates in the app on how you’re tracking against your own daily goals for all of your macronutrients: calories, fat, carbs, and protein.

Openfit Fuel Ingredients

Openfit Supplements – Simple And Effective

When you want to get the most out of every Openfit workout — and help accelerate your progress — you’ll want to add these Openfit supplements to your routine:

Openfit Fuel Pre-workout Formula

The more time and effort you can put into a workout, the faster you can reach your goals. We created Fuel to help you feel more energized and focused during your workout to help you work out harder and longer.*

Openfit Recovery post-workout formula 

If you’re looking to build muscle and reduce post-workout muscle soreness, you’ll love Recovery. Take it within 60 minutes of your workout so you can help your body rebuild for tomorrow. Because the harder you hit your next workout, the better your results can be.*

Let’s face it, living healthy and getting in great shape involves more than working out. It takes an integrated, personalized approach to nutrition to reach your full potential.

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Openfit is the all-in-one fitness, nutrition, and wellness destination. At Openfit, we put live, certified trainer-led workouts that provide real-time feedback and encouragement, personalized meal plans, and on-demand fitness programs led by some of the world’s most sought-after trainers and athletes all in the palm of your hand.

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