Which Openfit Live Trainer Matches Your Workout Style?

Which Openfit Live Trainer Matches Your Workout Style?

One of the great things about fitness is how many ways you can get your sweat on, from intense HIIT sessions and strength training to Pilates and yoga. And, with Openfit Live, you can connect with some of the best trainers from across the country — and around the world.

While all Openfit Live trainers deliver solid workouts filled with expert tips and guidance, they also have their own unique personalities and perspectives. One of the biggest benefits of Openfit Live is being able to choose a trainer for on-demand sessions — and take live classes with your faves. Having the flexibility to train with different trainers is a huge advantage, too.

Curious about which Openfit Live trainer matches your workout style? (After all, we have dozens of trainers offering 350+ group fitness classes every single week.) Read on to find your new favorite trainer(s).

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If You’re a Beginner Who Likes Encouragement

mary beth- live trainer

When you’re new to working out (or haven’t worked out in a while), Openfit Live makes it easy to get started. Taking small steps can lead to bigger ones, such as starting out with 15-minute workouts and scaling up. To keep you motivated, Openfit Live trainers are there to provide helpful tips and cheer you on.

Mary Beth Rockwell

If you’re watching a move and thinking “No way! I can’t do that!” — think again. Meet Openfit Live trainer Mary Beth Rockwell, a master of modifications. Her tips will help you adjust any move to customize it to your body and ability, whether you’re new to working out or recovering from an injury.

Courtney McWaine

Starting a new routine can be tough. Courtney McWaine gets it. She’s great at getting you motivated and keeping you inspired. For her, it’s important to believe in yourself, work at your level, and be kind to yourself.

Sherry Brennan

With decades of fitness experience, Sherry Brennan is a self-described cheerleader with diverse personal training experience. She loves helping people achieve their goals and being a supportive force on their fitness journey.


If You’re Someone Who Needs Exercise to Be Fun

fitness trainer motivation - alasdair headshot

Some of the best workouts are ones that don’t feel like exercise at all. From jumping around in a cardio class to kickboxing away stress, there are so many fun ways to sweat and high-energy trainers who keep you showing up.

Alasdair Fitz-Desorgher

Based in London, Alasdair Fitz-Desorgher is all about having fun, from his penchant for befriending squirrels in his neighborhood to strength training. When you train with him, you can expect a serious sweat — and a few laughs.

Gowrie Hayden

Having worked as a stunt fighter, Openfit Live trainer Gowrie Hayden is a lifelong athlete who knows hard work requires a sense of humor. She has an upbeat attitude that will get you motivated and expert insight on staying safe when you train.

Charis Booker

A workout needs to be engaging for Charis Booker, who works from Atlanta, and grew up in Richmond, Virginia. With a background in dance (and gaming), she knows how to kick up the energy level and bring on the good vibes.


If You’re Interested in Learning More About Fitness

ritvik - live trainer

Form is important to all Openfit Live trainers, who are available during live sessions to answer questions and provide suggestions. If you want to know more, simply send a message in the app. When you’re interested in learning more about activating muscles, improving form, and getting the most of your workout, these trainers are experts in making exercises easy to understand.

Ritvik Aithal

Drawing on his master’s degree in health behavior and bachelor’s in exercise science, trainer Ritvik Aithal is a true teacher. He deftly explains the way our muscles work and how we get stronger. In addition to Openfit Live classes, he uses social media as an educational tool for demonstrating correct movements.

Emily Sears

During sessions, Emily Sears draws on her own experiences as an athlete to help you improve what you’re doing. That could mean offering real-life tips on how to breathe during an exercise or how to fully engage core muscles for a proper plank.

Sarah Soares

With a degree in kinesiology, the study of the mechanics of body movement, Sarah Soares has a deep understanding of fitness, which she brings to her Xtend Barre classes. She emphasizes the way movements allow you to stay fit.


If You’re a Fitness Pro Who Loves a Challenge

sarah - trainer live

Maybe you played college sports or still train regularly for triathlons. When fitness helps you stay at the top of your game, Openfit Live trainers embrace the challenge of pushing you to the next level, gearing their workouts to help you become faster and stronger. You can also use Openfit Live for yoga and stretching on recovery days.

Sarah Brannon

With a background in sports and a degree in kinesiology, Sarah Brannon is also a triathlete and a dancer. She sees exercise as a means to maintain peak performance, reach your goals, and gain a competitive edge.

Katie Mumford

An expert in functional training with certification in kettlebells and weightlifting, Katie Mumford has helped everyone from pro athletes to fitness first-timers achieve their fitness goals. She’ll help you level up your workouts!


If You’re Into the Mind-Body Side of Workouts

erica eng - live trainer

While yoga and Pilates are known for creating a mind-body connection, other forms of exercise also benefit from the mind-muscle connection. Focusing on breathing, mindfully activating muscles, and listening to your body are important facets for any workout. In Openfit Live yoga classes and other workouts, you can honor your inner and outer self.

Erica Eng

Trained in yoga and qigong, Erica Eng believes in igniting joy through body, mind, and spirit. She offers an empowering outlook to help you discover your best self.

Jennifer Fuller

Certified in a range of different yoga styles, including restorative, hatha, and meditative forms, Jennifer Fuller believes in the power of fitness to change lives. She is a mentor with experience helping people find their inner strength.


If You’re a Busy Parent Juggling It All

When you have kids, finding time to work out can be a real challenge. Since exercise is an important way to destress and reset, Openfit Live allows you to work out when you can, which is a huge boost for parents. In fact, some of the most energetic and inspiring trainers are parents themselves, who prove hard work is rewarding.

Nicole de Souza

With her supportive mom personality, Nicole de Souza turns Xtend Barre sessions into the ultimate way to feel strong and ready to take on the world, whether you have kids at home or not. She is a dancer turned personal trainer with certifications in Pilates and other fitness disciplines.

Medwin Mina

Trained in martial arts, including Muay Thai kickboxing, as well as strength training, Medwin Mina is full of energy. He’s the ultimate cool dad who wakes up at 5 a.m. to work out while his family is still sleeping. He is a commanding force driven to help people get stronger.