Openfit Live Trainer, Carlos Teasdale Teaches You How to Avoid Injuries With Prehab!

Openfit Live Trainer, Carlos Teasdale Teaches You How to Avoid Injuries With Prehab!

You just shredded an Openfit Live workout, but have you ever wondered about the trainers on the other side of the screen? Meet Carlos Teasdale, Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), Certified Strength and Conditioning (CSCS) coach, and the Openfit Live Trainer who’s ready to kick your butt into high gear.

What makes Carlos so hardcore? He suffered a major injury as a competitive basketball player that left him with limited options: go into serious medical financial debt, or learn about his injury and figure out a DIY recovery.

Working in Sports Medicine, he was able to self-study his way into becoming a low back pain specialist and compassionate fitness coach. “I suffered for years with no end in sight for my pain,” Carlos says. “It wasn’t until I started creating small goals and looked for bright spots in my training that I started to learn what worked to keep my pain away and what didn’t.”

Now, Carlos offers private training to people who are in chronic pain, bringing personal experience and extensive expertise to this population in order to create effective fitness programs that offer amazing workouts. “I want to use [Openfit] to connect with people who are in pain and teach people that their body is stronger than they realize. That with dedication and consistency, we can all overcome our chronic pain and reach our fitness and health goals!”

Okay, Carlos! We are here for this inspo!

Check out the LIVE class schedule here and sign up for a class with Carlos!

What’s Prehab?

Carlos is all about prehab, and if you don’t know what prehab is – I didn’t either!

“Prehab is the reality that doing certain exercises with our bodies can prevent orthopedic injuries and pain from happening,” Carlos explains. The right type of prehab exercises for you depends on what you’re training for, but more on that later.

If you want to prevent injury (I mean, don’t we all?), here are some great prehab exercises to manage pain and get your body in fighting shape.

1. Full Squat

If you’re someone who is often sitting in a chair for long hours, Carlos suggests “learning to do a Full Squat, where you can sit into the bottom squat position comfortably without lifting your heels off the ground, aka ‘The Eastern Sit.'”

He explains that this position keeps joints happy and the nervous system ready, but sitting in a chair too often can make performing a full squat difficult.

2. Hanging

Benefits of Pull-Ups - Regular Pull-Up

This is a “must do for humans,” says Carlos. “Our shoulders and neck are dependent on hanging and the strength that is created from hanging. Learning to breath while hanging changes the way the diaphragm works and improves our ability to breathe.”

Hanging is also great if you’re trying to master pull-ups or if you’re into rock climbing.

3. Balancing

tree pose vrksasana yoga man

For a great prehab exercise, Carlos suggests balancing on one leg.

“Being able to balance not only stimulates our leg to get stronger and more capable, but it also ignites our brain and improves the neurological connections to our entire body,” he says.

Balancing is also particularly beneficial if you’re a runner to help reduce the likelihood of injury.

4. Push-Up

push up- best underarm exercises

Push-ups will not only give you great, toned arms, chest, back, and shoudlers, but can also prevent injury.

“Not being able to do a push up can lead to serious injury whenever we happen to fall,” Carlos says.

If you’re new to push-ups, this article can help you get started, and here are a few variations once you’ve mastered those!

5. Walking

how long to walk a mile

It might seem simple, but the power of walking is real.

“Obviously running is a great thing to do,” Carlos says, “but the simplicity of walking actually has been proven to be a therapeutic movement and a great way to calm the mind and body.”

Walking also has many other vital benefits; it supports your joints, improves your breath, strengthens your muscles, and slows bone loss, all of which is helpful in preventing injury!