Starting a New Workout? Openfit Live Trainer Courtney Shares 8 Tips for Getting (And Staying) Motivated

Starting a New Workout? Openfit Live Trainer Courtney Shares 8 Tips for Getting (And Staying) Motivated

Reaching our fitness goals would be so much easier if we could simply wave a wand and — poof — be stronger, faster, leaner, shredded, or any combination of those things.

So when you start a new workout and don’t see results right away, you may have a hard time staying motivated. “We live in a get-it-now culture,” says Openfit Live trainer Courtney McWaine. “So many things are at our fingertips, and some people may let that instantaneous culture seep into their day-to-day lives.”

The learning curve when you first start a new workout can also be discouraging. “It can take time to get into your flow,” Courtney says. “Patience, determination, consistency, and resilience go a long way.”

And while you wait for your new workout routine to become a habit — which one study suggests could take an average of 66 days — motivation is what will help you power through. Here are Courtney’s tips for finding your motivation when you start a workout, so you actually look forward to your sweat time.

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1. Believe in Yourself

First things first: Keep a positive mindset. “Let go of the limiting beliefs that may creep up and attempt to confuse you or make you feel that you do not have what it takes to succeed,” Courtney says.


2. Meet Yourself Where You Are

It’s great to challenge yourself, but if you pick a workout that’s too far above your current level, you may become frustrated and give up. If you’re just getting started on your fitness journey, choose beginner-level workouts so you can perfect your technique and feel good at the end. “Meet yourself where you are, and keep going,” Courtney says.


3. Choose Workouts You Enjoy

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Exercise doesn’t have to mean going for a run or lifting weights. It’s easier to stick to a new workout if it’s something you actually look forward to. “Fitness goes beyond the walls of a gym,” says Courtney, who prefers getting movement outside — especially hiking with her dogs. If you’re still looking for a workout you love, try streaming different online workouts from Openfit and see which ones you enjoy most.


4. Get Accountability

It’s not always easy to hold yourself accountable — especially when you’re working out at home. Whether you’re starting your fitness journey or just trying a new workout, consider taking an Openfit Live class to get the same real-time motivation you’d get from an in-person trainer.


5. Find Your Best Sweat Time

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There’s no single best time of the day to exercise. Some people find it easiest to work out in the morning so that they know they’ll get their movement in. Others love working out at night. Some use their lunch break as a physical and mental reprieve from work. Whatever is best for you, find a routine you can realistically sustain over time — “even on the days when stuff hits the fan,” Courtney says.


6. Bask in Your Progress

Chances are, you’re farther along than you give yourself credit for, Courtney says. So when you start a new workout routine, take a moment every so often to pause and reflect on how far you’ve come. Adding even one rep is a gain. Instead of focusing on what you don’t know or can’t do, Courtney says, reframe your thoughts with words like learning, growth, evolution, and progress. That will keep you moving forward rather than idling or taking steps back.


7. Be Kind to Yourself

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If you’ve ever done an Openfit Live workout with Courtney, you know she empowers people to put themselves first and fill up their cup so they can go out and be the best version of themselves in the world. “A large part of that is self-talk,” she says. “Our thoughts and our words are powerful.” So don’t let the occasional low-motivation day discourage you. “We all have days when we feel like we are unstoppable and crushing it, and we also have days when we are not feeling it,” Courtney says. “Give yourself grace wherever you are on the spectrum.”


8. Keep Your Eyes on the Why

What’s your deep-down reason for starting a new workout? Maybe you’re tired of being tired all the time. Maybe you want to set a healthy example for your kids. Maybe working out gives you the energy to tackle with a stressful job or a caregiver role. Maybe exercise is your “me” time. If your “why” is powerful enough, Courtney says, it’ll help you find motivation to be active on days when you’re tempted to skip a workout.