What to Expect From an Openfit Live Running or Walking Class

What to Expect From an Openfit Live Running or Walking Class

Outdoor running and walking classes can be a fun way to get the live class experience. You can either choose to be indoors on a treadmill or outdoors around your neighborhood or a park. Classes range from 15 – 60 minutes, and like Openfit’s other live classes, you’ll get real-time coaching from a certified live trainer.

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Why Should I Try a Live Running or Walking Class?

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  • You’ll get cueing, tips, and motivation from a knowledgeable trainer 
  • You can go at your own pace, whether you are walking, jogging, running or a combination of the three
  • The app will take care of your distance and pace tracking, and you’ll get updates throughout the class to let you know if you’re hitting your personalized goals 
  • If you’re outdoors, it’s a great way to get some fresh air 
  • There’s a leaderboard (if you’re the competitive type!)
  • You don’t need to think about what music to listen to – our resident DJ Kenny has that all taken care of with fun, upbeat playlists 
  • The class can sync with your Apple Watch to send workout data to other training logs

You’ll also be able to send individual questions to the trainer during class and hang out with other members in the group chat. 


How Do I Get Ready for a Live Outdoor Running/Walking Class?

  • Have your earphones handy & make sure your phone is charged 
  • Be sure to authorize your location and the HealthKit (if on iOS) on your device. This is the only way for the app to track your entire workout and for your trainer to give you personalized stats
  • Authorize access to the camera so you can snap pics of your journey and share them with the class! Note: Even if you turn your camera on, it will be off while you are in running or walking classes, and the trainer won’t be able to see you
  • Turn off WiFi if you’re outside so the GPS stats are accurate for your trainer


What Do I Do During Class?

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Walk, jog, run and have fun!

If you’re going to take a class outside, head outdoors a moment before it starts. We recommend that, after you get all set up and on your way, you put your phone in a pocket.

It’s OK to hold the phone if you want to, but it will read your steps better if it’s in your pocket. And be sure it’s stored somewhere that’s quickly accessible in case you want to send a message to the class or trainer.

As in other live classes, you’ll hear the live trainer, the Robo trainer, and the awesome playlist. 

Your trainer will encourage you and coach you as you walk or run — he or she will be able to see certain data based on your performance including:

  • Your speed
  • Your distance
  • Your elevation change
  • Your step count and cadence
  • Your heart rate if you are wearing an Apple watch

The Robo trainer will tell you if you are on track to hit your goal and when you have hit the halfway point of the class, in case you want to turn around. It also will tell you if you pass another teammate in the workout — or if they pass you!


How Do I Sign Up for a Live Running/Walking Class?

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You can find running/walking classes on the Openfit app a couple different ways. 

  • On the Class Schedule tab 
  • On the Home tab by typing “run” in the search bar    
  • On the Home tab by scrolling down to Walking & Running (you’ll find both on-demand and live options) 

Once you’ve found a class that you want to sign up for, click “Sign up” and you’re ready to go! 

Can I walk in a running class… and vice versa?

Of course! At the beginning of class, you can let the trainer know whether you’re walking or running. Your trainer will adjust coaching based on your personal goals!

Can I use a bike, elliptical, rower or other machine in a live running or walking class?

It’s a little-known secret that Teammates using an exercise machine can still track their live running or walking workouts in the app — they just have to make a few adjustments with their mobile device.

With a treadmill, users can set a specific speed and manually enter it in the app to track their workouts. With a fitness bike, elliptical, cross-trainer, rower, stairclimber or other fitness machine, speed is variable, so instead, use step count mode.

While not accurate for tracking distance, this can be highly accurate at counting “steps,” be it the revolution of a crank or completion of a stroke (it all comes down to how each device detects steps). Essential to effectively tracking this information is to keep your phone on you. It won’t pick up your steps if it’s resting on the machine.

What if I have more questions about running/walking classes?

Head over to the Openfit Teammates Facebook group to post a question and one of our live trainers will get back to you.