Openfit Live Pilates Classes: What to Expect

Openfit Live Pilates Classes: What to Expect

If you’re looking for a surefire way to strengthen your core, you may have wondered if an Openfit Live Pilates class will help. The short answer is yes — but the benefits of Pilates go way beyond that!

“Pilates is more than just a workout,” says Openfit Live trainer Nicole de Souza. “It helps improve flexibility, mobility, range of motion, muscle strength, and stabilization of your spine, shoulders, and pelvis. You also see better physical coordination, benefits from deep breathing, and even stress reduction.”

Ready to learn more? We asked some of our Openfit Live trainers to share their insights on what to expect from an Openfit Live Pilates workout. Here’s what they had to say.

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What Kind of Workout Is a Pilates Class on Openfit Live?

There are three levels of Live Pilates classes in the Openfit app, so you can get a sense of progression as you become more familiar with the moves, says Openfit Live Trainer Sarah Soares.

Level 1

This level focuses on fundamental, foundational movements that emphasize proper breathing technique and engaging your core muscles. You’ll also develop body awareness, which is essential — not just in Pilates, but in any workout, Soares says.

Level 2

As you start to progress the moves and exercises you’ve learned, you’ll be introduced to more intense variations that further challenge your pelvic stability and core engagement. Bonus: You’ll be getting a solid full-body workout.

Level 3

This is the most advanced level — in a Level 3 class, you can expect to break a sweat as your mind and body are challenged with the full experience, de Souza says.


What Kinds of Moves Will I Do in an Openfit Pilates Class?

Here are a few classic moves you can expect to see in the mat-based Pilates classes at Openfit. Each one can be modified or advanced by increasing or decreasing the intensity.

The Hundred

This classic Pilates exercise got its name because you hold the exercise for 100 beats. It is a great warm-up exercise and will be performed near the beginning of class. The Hundred helps build core strength, stamina, and coordination, de Souza says.

The Roll Up

The Roll Up is a great challenge for the abdominal muscles and also helps to strengthen your spine and increase your flexibility and alignment, de Souza says. The Roll Up is performed in one continuous, controlled motion and synchronized to your breath.

Side Leg Lifts

side leg lift | openfit live pilates

This move is a go-to in most Pilates Live classes, de Souza says. It not only works your abs — including the obliques — but also engages the inner thighs and booty.


I’ve Never Done This Kind of Workout Before — Can I Still Sign Up?

Beginners are always welcome! Openfit Live Trainer Sarah Brannon recommends starting with a Level 1 class — this can be a great way to learn the foundational movements and boost your overall body awareness before you take on a more challenging Pilates class.

“It’s very powerful to get to know and understand your own body and love it for what it is,” Brannon says. “Feel excited that you’ll be working toward making your body the best version of what it can be, while celebrating what you can do right now.”

Even if you typically prefer higher-intensity workouts, you can benefit from adding an Openfit Live Pilates class to your workout routine. The movements in Pilates transfer easily to other workouts, says Openfit Live Trainer Natalie Edwards. The core strength, balance, and lower-body endurance you’ll build from a Pilates workout can help you push harder in your next HIIT workout.


Do I Need Equipment for This Class?

dumbell and laptop on yoga mat | openfit live pilates

Most of the movements in an Openfit Live Pilates class can be done with just a mat. Some classes may incorporate equipment such as resistance bands, dumbbells, or stability balls to intensify the workout, but these are considered optional.


How Do I Sign Up?

Once you’ve signed up for and downloaded the Openfit app, go to the Live Class Schedule screen and search for Pilates classes on the calendar. When you find the one you want, click Reserve and it will be added to your Openfit Live schedule. You’ll receive a text reminder 15 minutes prior to the start of class.