What to Expect From an Openfit LIVE Kickboxing Class

What to Expect From an Openfit LIVE Kickboxing Class

Looking to get in fighting shape? Openfit LIVE kickboxing classes deliver a champion-worthy kickboxing workout that will elevate your heart rate and your confidence.

Tough enough to challenge seasoned athletes, yet completely accessible to beginners, Openfit LIVE kickboxing classes are led by experienced instructors who are passionate about kickboxing. We caught up with Openfit LIVE Trainer Gowrie Hayden and discussed everything you need to know before jumping into your first kickboxing workout at home.

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What Kind of Workout Is Kickboxing?

Hayden describes a kickboxing workout as a “mix of cardio and conditioning.” But while you’re revving your heart rate and burning calories, you’ll also be getting a crash course in the fundamentals of kickboxing, a form of martial arts that mixes kicking and punching.

“Expect to learn all the basic upper-body strikes and kicks of kickboxing, build combos on both sides, as well as conditioning exercises to help build stronger, faster kicks and punches,” Hayden says.


What Kinds of Exercises Will I Do in a Kickboxing Class?

The exercises that comprise a kickboxing workout are all the same punches, strikes, and kicks you’d expect to see in an actual kickboxing match.

Upper-body movements include the jab, cross, hook, uppercut, and elbows. Lower-body movements include the front kick, side kick, back kick, and roundhouse kick.

Kickboxing with Weights, a class that incorporates strength training into a kickboxing class, incorporates traditional strength training movements (e.g. floor pressRomanian deadliftgoblet squat) in addition to kickboxing combinations.


I’ve Never Done This Kind of Workout Before — Can I Still Sign Up?

YES! “Relax, have fun, and just keep moving,” Hayden says. All Openfit kickboxing classes are appropriate for every level of ability and experience, as kickboxing workouts are easily modified (or intensified).

“Beginners can just go at their own pace and pick up the basics, while more experienced folks can start to work on speed, power, endurance, and constant movement,” she explains. “You can always pull back and slow down whenever you need to — just like we do in a real fight.”

If you want to start small (but still get a killer workout), you can experiment with a 15-minute kickboxing class before signing up for one of Openfit’s 25- or 40-minute kickboxing classes.

Feel like you need a little extra guidance? “With a live class, people have the option to turn their camera on (only the trainer can see them), and then we can see what they are doing and give them tips, feedback, and extra support,” says Hayden. “They also have the ability to message us privately if they have injuries or anything they need help with.”


Do I Need Equipment for This Class?

“All you need is the willingness to step into the ring and give it your all,” says Hayden. No gloves or boxing bag are necessary to do Openfit LIVE kickboxing classes.

If you happen to have a heavy bag set up at home, you’re welcome to incorporate it into your kickboxing workout. For Kickboxing with Weights, you will need two weighted objects, but they don’t need to be dumbbells. Soup cans work just as well!

Regarding attire, your regular workout clothes are fine, but skip the sneakers. “I highly recommend going barefoot so you can get a better connection to the ground and traction on your kicks,” Hayden says. “Or wear cross-trainers that are low to the ground. Heavy soled running shoes aren’t great for throwing kicks.”


What Kind of Results Can I Expect From Kickboxing?

The most immediately noticeable result you can expect from a kickboxing workout is a mood boost. “Kickboxing is fast-paced and will get those endorphins going, which leads to a happier, less-stressed you,” Hayden says. And if you’ve got any anger, rage, or aggression to work through, there’s no safer or healthier setting than a kickboxing workout at home. “You feel fierce (even though you’re punching air).”

All that air punching burns tons of calories — between 500 and 1,000 per hour, depending on your size — while building cardiovascular endurance and full-body strength. “Kickboxing classes work all the major muscle groups,” Hayden says. Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle definition, overall fitness, or all of the above, kickboxing workouts can help you achieve it.

And unlike a 30-minute slog on the elliptical machine, Openfit’s kickboxing classes can actually help you become a better athlete, not just a fitter person. Learning and executing punching and kicking combinations can help improve coordination, speed, power, and agility.


How Do I Sign Up?

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Once you’ve signed up for and downloaded the Openfit app, go to the Live Class Schedule screen and search for kickboxing classes on the calendar. When you find the one you want, click Book a Spot and it will be added to your Openfit Live schedule. You’ll receive a text reminder 15 minutes prior to the start of class.