What to Expect from an Openfit Live Jump Rope Class

What to Expect from an Openfit Live Jump Rope Class

How can you get incredible benefits — like fat burning, muscle building, boosted endurance — in less than 10 minutes? Start jumping. Research suggests that regularly jumping rope can yield significant benefits for both adults and children.

“There are so many advantages [of] jumping rope, and you don’t have to do it for very long to get those results,” says Openfit Live Trainer Emily Sears. “You can even use a ‘pretend rope’ and do the motion, and you’ll be adding to your agility and cardio fitness.”

Read on to learn why you should try a live jump rope class with an Openfit trainer like Sears.

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Why Should I Try a Live Jump Rope Class?

why try a live jump roping class

A big perk of adding jump rope to your workout — they’re usually part of another class, such as kickboxing, Sears says — is that it’s a great way to shake up your routine.

Maybe you’re feeling like your cardio and warm-up options are becoming too predictable, for example. Adding a jump rope sequence can not only offer a fresh challenge, but can also help you progress faster to a higher level of cardio fitness, says Sears.

That’s because jumping rope is a high-intensity activity that’s typically done in repeated short bouts (i.e., intervals), which research shows can help you achieve results similar to longer, steady-state sessions in a fraction of the time.

“You’re not going to be jumping rope without stopping for 25 minutes,” says Sears. And if you’re doing it as part of another class, you’ll probably alternate between three minutes of jumping rope and three minutes of another mode of training, such as weightlifting or kickboxing. “That really helps keep a class interesting and changes it up,” says Sears.

Live jump rope classes range between 25 and 40 minutes depending on the type, with offerings 1-2 times a week throughout multiple time slots. Teammates can also always find those classes on demand.


How Do I Get Ready for a Live Jump Rope Class?

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First, sign up for a class on the app to reserve your spot. Be sure to block out that time on your schedule, and check that you have enough space to perform the class effectively. (If you’re using a corded jump rope, you’ll need greater clearance above you than you would for other types of classes.)

As with any fitness class, arrive on time (or a bit early) to get the most out of the workout, and don’t skip the warm-up. Also keep in mind that a jump rope isn’t required for a jump rope class (yes, you read that correctly).

For people who are just starting, it’s sometimes better to go without a rope and pretend you have one, says Sears. That way, you can get used to the movement without the awkwardness that might come with adding a rope into the mix.

You can also use a cordless jump rope with weighted handles. Their design lets you focus on form, effort, and speed without worrying about tripping.

As you take more classes that involve jump ropes, though, Sears says you may want to incorporate one with a cord. That tends to help you lift your feet more and work on coordination and agility to get better at jumping.


What Do I Do During Class?

what do I do during the class -- openfit live jump rope

How you exercise with the jump rope will depend on what it’s paired with, says Sears, who adds that you might encounter it not only in a dedicated class such as “Kickboxing & Jump Rope,” but also in a HIIT class or as part of a warm up in an Openfit Live running or walking class.

No matter what class you choose, Sears suggests taking it slow if you haven’t jumped rope since you were a kid — or maybe ever.

“If your feet keep getting caught in the rope, it can be frustrating, and it takes time to get that rhythm down,” she says. “Like any movement that might be new to you, slow it down, and make modifications where necessary. You can even make it low-impact by marching with a pretend rope instead of jumping.”

There is also the option in these classes to add variety to your jumping. According to Katie Mumford, Openfit’s manager of trainer operations, “Teammates are welcome to stick to the basics, however, they will have an opportunity in most classes to try a variety of jump rope moves. From your standard double hop to any of the following variations; scissors, skip kick, criss cross, side to side, high knees, jacks, front to back, side to side, and backwards.”

As with any Openfit Live class, she suggests asking the trainer for additional tips and modifications if needed. And also like other classes, the biggest rule is to have fun.

“Just enjoy that feeling like you’re a kid again,” Sears says.