How to Get Started With Openfit Live

How to Get Started With Openfit Live

Openfit programs bring together world-class workouts, personalized nutrition plans, and effective pre- and post-workout supplements — all designed to help you reach your fitness goals.

And, with Openfit Live, we add individual attention and motivation to the mix. Our certified trainers lead a wide variety of live group classes that include strength, running/walking, HIIT, yoga, weight training, kickboxing, and stretching.

Choose a workout from one of the 350+ weekly group fitness classes and enjoy the benefits of working out with live trainers and teammates. All for a fraction of the price of boutique classes or personal trainers.


What Does a Live Online Fitness Class Look Like?

Well, it’s a lot like our other Openfit workouts, but with a few important distinctions. Openfit Live classes come with personalized feedback and personal modifications based on your fitness level, and they’re run by certified virtual trainers.

You can take indoor Live classes via the app on your phone or tablet, or you can login on your computer via web browser. For outdoor classes (like our running and walking classes), you should use the app on your phone.

Here’s what it looks like to take a Live class on using the Openfit app on your phone or tablet:

And here’s what you can expect if you use your computer:

No matter which device you choose, you’ll still get to experience a world-class workout and the amazing benefits of exercising with a live trainer and a community of supportive teammates!


What Is a Certified Virtual Trainer?

Live Trainer Benefits - woman holding phone

At Openfit Live, our professional trainers span the globe and each has experience teaching a variety of online workout classes. If you turn on your camera, they (and only they!) can watch you live on a split screen and provide personalized tips, modifications, and inspiration to help you get the most out of your workout.

Throughout each class, you can communicate with the trainers and your classmates to ask questions and cheer each other on. And after you’ve crushed that workout? Openfit Live offers you the option to share your results on Instagram and Facebook so you can celebrate your successes and encourage friends to join you next time.


Getting Started With Openfit Live

To sign up for and participate in Live classes, you can use the Openfit app on your iOS or Android mobile phone or table, or a web browser on your computer.

Exploring All the Workouts

Openfit Live’s online classes offer a huge variety of workouts for early birds, night owls, and everyone in between, and classes last anywhere from 5 to 40 minutes.

There are two ways to view the more than 350 brand-new live classes each week on the home screen:

Maybe you’re into that 25-minute Abs & Booty Blast to build up your glutes and tighten your core. Or perhaps you’d rather get outdoors with the Two-Mile Dash class.

If your schedule doesn’t happen to align with the live classes available this week, check out the on-demand streaming offerings that include Xtend Barre, Tough Mudder T-MINUS 30, 600 Secs, Rough Around The Edges, and Yoga52, as well as recently recorded live classes.

openfit app - in screen grab  

How to Choose Your Classes

By going to the Live Class Schedule screen, you can search for options based on day and time. We see you, early birds!

Select a day of the week at the top and this will reveal the schedule of live class offerings for that day. Or, if you have a focus you’re interested in (like yoga), you can click on that category on the Home screen to view upcoming classes.

When deciding on a class, take a moment to read the class description. Not only does it provide the details of the class, but you’ll also see the ideal location (think indoors/outdoors), equipment needed (think dumbbells/resistance bands), and level of intensity.

When you find a class that not only fits your needs, but sounds like fun, simply click Reserve and it will be added to your Openfit Live schedule. You’ll get a text reminder 15 minutes prior to class so you have time to prepare. If you can’t make it to class, please be sure to release your spot to another Openfit member!

How to take previously live classes

Many of our live classes are archived for playback later. To access a previously live class, navigate to the Dashboard on either the app or web, and scroll down to the different class types (Strength Training, Barre & Pilates, Cardio & HIIT, etc.). Select one and scroll down to the different workouts. On the app, you’ll see a Play button beside the previously live classes, and on web you’ll see them represented as tiles that say, “Available on Demand” or “Live & On Demand.”


What You Need Before Class

So you’ve signed up for a live class — that’s a great first step! Before class, be sure that you’ve done the following things: 

  1. Sign in from your device, whether that’s the Openfit app on your phone or tablet, or your computer’s web browser.
  2. Check the equipment list for the class and prepare what you need (dumbbells, water, mat, etc.) 
  3. Grab headphones (if you prefer them). 
  4. Sign in 3 minutes before class to say hi to the rest of your teammates!


The Best Places To Do Openfit Live Workouts

Openfit App - Woman Doing Weighted Lunges

Our classes were designed to meet a variety of needs, so the ideal location depends on the class type. Our running/walking classes are best done outdoors, though you can do most of them on a treadmill. (If you prefer treadmill running, check out our Walk & Running section for more treadmill classes.)

And, while you can certainly do any of our mat classes outdoors if you’re wanting some fresh air, we list these as indoor classes. This is so you know you have the flexibility to do these classes anywhere — from your hotel room while traveling for business to your living room while your pup keeps you company.


How to Contact the Trainer During a Live Class

Once you join a live class, you can communicate with the trainers through our messaging portal in the app or on the web.

Simply tap the Trainer button, then type and send your message about any physical limitations or personal goals. This will help the trainer understand what your needs are as they lead the class. Since it’s live, they can make adjustments for you on the fly.

Assuming you’ve turned on your camera settings (don’t worry, only the trainer has the ability to see you doing your workout), they can help ensure you’re using proper form and getting the most out of their instruction.


How Group Chat Works

One of the coolest parts of taking live group fitness classes online is getting to know other teammates in the community. Accountability is a huge factor in showing up and continuing to strive for goals, and live trainers and classmates are there for just that purpose.

To engage in the group chat during class, you simply tap the arrow that says See Class Messages. Then scroll, type, or emoji away.

And if you have a friend in the class, or want to connect with a specific individual, you can private message a classmate. Click the Classboard button, select the individual, and start messaging.


The Benefits of Joining a Live Online Workout Community

Openfit CommunityFriendship, accountability, and encouragement are just a few of the powerful things that come from joining a community like Openfit.

Our private Facebook group is proof! Ask questions. Share your frustrations. Celebrate your successes. The more you communicate with trainers and teammates, the more you’ll learn and the more we can all lift each other to new heights. After all, you’re probably not the only person feeling the way you are. And, by working together, we all get stronger.


Technical Questions You Might Find Helpful

What Device Should You Use?

There are three ways to take an Openfit Live class:

  1. On your phone (iOS and Android) using the Openfit app
  2. On your tablet (iOS and Android) using the Openfit app
  3. On your computer via web browser

You can take indoor Live classes via the app on your phone or tablet, or you can log in via web on your computer. No matter what device you use, you’ll be able to see the Live trainer and the exercise demos, and yourself on camera. You’ll also be able to chat with the group and your trainer, and take photos to share with the class. The only differences is that using a computer will give you a bigger screen to see the exercise demonstrations and a wider camera angle for your trainer to see you,

For outdoor classes (like our running and walking classes), you should use the app on your phone. Hold it in your hand or tuck it into a pocket, connect your headphones, and you’re set!

Openfit Live classes aren’t directly available on Roku, AppleTV, or web, but if you do want a bigger screen experience, you can stream workouts from your mobile device to your television via Roku, Apple TV, or Chromecast. Then, you can still use your phone to receive real-time feedback from your trainer.


What Are the Benefits of Turning on Your Camera?

As you’re getting started, you’ll see that particular settings are recommended. This is done solely to provide you with the best online training experience possible while using the app.

We highly recommend letting Openfit access your camera. As we’ve noted, only your trainer will see you (unless you choose to share photos with the class when prompted).

This gives the trainer a chance to personalize your experience and adjust instruction like they would during a live, in-person class. For example, they can help you modify any exercises you’re struggling with, come up with alternatives when an exercise isn’t right due to a personal injury, and gauge whether they can push you a bit harder so you get more out of the class.

And if you don’t want the camera on for a particular portion of class, no problem. You can easily turn it off during class by clicking the camera icon in the small screen space that mirrors what the trainers see of you on the bottom right portion of your screen.


Where Should You Place Your Phone, Tablet, or Computer?

For indoor classes, we recommend placing your phone, tablet, or computer on the floor or on a shelf about 5 to 10 feet away from you. You’ll want it close enough so you can see the exercise demos on your screen, but far enough away to capture your whole body’s movement for trainer input.

If you’re outdoors and on the move, you can tuck your phone in your pocket or arm sleeve. You can easily take it out to send photos to teammates during breaks or check in on an exercise demo along the way.

Either way, be sure your battery is charged to at least 50% before you start a workout — especially if you’re going to be outdoors.


The Best Workout Music for Any Activity

Which Headphones Work Best?

Bluetooth headphones provide the best listening experience during a live class. Not only do they help you avoid getting tangled up in cords as you exercise, but they also give you the ability to tuck away your phone if you want to go hands-free. Here’s a list of wireless headphones we like.

OK, now let’s get moving!