How Openfit Can Help You Reach Your Goals

How Openfit Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Setting your goals is the first step towards creating a new and improved healthy lifestyle. Now comes the challenging part — finding a nutrition and workout program to fit your needs, and sticking with it long enough to see results.

Luckily, the Openfit app has a bevy of resources to help you along the way. Whether you’ve got your sights set on losing weight, building muscle, conquering a 5K, or getting into a healthy-eating routine, the Openfit app can help. Here’s how.

Reach your personal fitness goals on your own terms with the Openfit app. Try it here for free!


Get On-Demand Workout Programs

You don’t need a pricey gym membership to get great results — at-home workouts are convenient, affordable, and effective. With the Openfit app, you can stream on-demand workouts anytime, so it’s easy to squeeze fitness into your busy schedule.

If you’re looking for the perfect at-home workout program for you, Openfit offers a variety of options: Try a body-sculpting Xtend Barre or XB Pilates workout. Get a high-intensity workout in just 10 minutes with 600 Secs. Do a martial arts-inspired workout led by professional stuntwomen with Rough Around the Edges. From yoga and meditation to resistance training and running, there’s a program that can help you meet your goals!


Take an Openfit Live Fitness Class

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It’s hard to beat the motivation and accountability you get from a live trainer. After all, most of us will put in more effort when there’s someone there to cheer us on! That’s why, in addition to on-demand workouts programs, Openfit also offers more than 350 Openfit Live workout classes on the app each week.

Every class is led by a real-life trainer who can keep you motivated and provide real-time feedback and encouragement. Classes typically range from 15 minutes to an hour, and you’ll find options for every fitness level, whether you’re a beginner or a serious fitness buff.


Make Meal Planning Easy

Planning healthy meals and tracking calories every week can be a tedious task — but the Openfit app will do the work for you. With the One-Minute Meal Plan, you’ll get a personalized meal plan and shopping list created for you each week based on your goals. Plus, you can easily log all of your meals to be sure your nutrition is on point.

Want to mellow out your sugar cravings? Check out Sugar Free 3, a three-week nutrition program designed to bring you more energy and help you lose weight. You’ll get healthy, tasty recipes that are free of added sugar, as well as helpful videos to guide you through the program.

Learn more about our nutrition programs.


Earn Badges and Hit Streak Goals

When you’re knee-deep in a workout program, you might lose sight of how far you’ve really come. So we’ve added badges and streak counters to the Openfit app to remind you of all your accomplishments — and keep you motivated when you’re tempted to skip a workout.

Badges serve as personalized reminders of your fitness milestones. Earn them by completing simple tasks or reaching longer-term goals. Took your first Openfit class? You’ve earned a badge. Completed an Openfit nutrition program? Badge. Ran a PR? Badge. Share your badges on social media so friends can congratulate you. (They may even be inspired to join you!)

And with the in-app streak counter, you can set a goal for the number of workouts you want to complete each week. Enable push-notifications that will remind you to work out. Each time you complete a workout, you’ll fill a flame that counts towards your streak goal. Earn a badge every time you hit your goal!


Track Your Weight Loss

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Daily weigh-ins aren’t for everyone. But tracking your weight is one way to gauge your progress, and the weight tracker in the Openfit app makes it as easy as possible. Set a goal weight, then set reminders to weigh in at a certain day and time each week. (You can choose daily weigh-ins, or space them out throughout the week.) This can encourage you to stay on track with your exercise and nutrition.


Be Part of the Community

As soon as you sign up for Openfit, you’ll automatically get free access to the Openfit Teammates Facebook group. In this supportive community of virtual workout buddies, you can swap tips and tricks, and get extra encouragement when you need it. There are even specific groups that focus on favorite programs, so you can chat with others who are crushing the same workouts as you are.

Sign up today and see how Openfit can help you reach your goals!