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Work Out At Home With Openfit Whether your goal is to get fit, lose weight, or sculpt a lean barre physique, you’ll find an Openfit live fitness class or on-demand program that’s perfect for you.

Live trainer-led classes on the Openfit App

Work with a personal trainer who gets to know you and your goals – and can help you reach them – right at home!

On-demand workouts from top fitness instructors

Always available on your schedule.

15 Workouts

Sound Meditation

Relax your body and calm your mind in as little as 10 minutes.

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14 Workouts

XB Pilates

Get a tighter, leaner body in just 21 days

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17 Workouts

Rough Around The Edges

Get strong and sexy with BADASS martial-arts inspired workouts.

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52 Workouts


Build strength, reduce stress, and yoga-shape your body.

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30 Workouts

Xtend Barre

Get lean and toned at home with body-sculpting barre workouts.

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27 Workouts

Tough Mudder T-Minus 30

CRUSH your fitness goals and totally reshape your body in just 30 days.

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42 Workouts

600 Secs

Get fit FAST with focused, 10-minute workouts you can do at home.

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Stream From Your TV, Laptop, or App

Openfit knows how to get results

Ashley Committed To
Improving Her Lifestyle

“I loved how it made me feel feminine! I was a little down! I needed something to look forward to or a new group to be apart of! I feel so much more flexible! I am showing signs of actually having a booty now!”

—Ashley F.

†Results depend on starting point and effort.

Aliika Tried 600Secs...
Now Look At Her!

“OMG I have seen multiple improvements since I have done 600 seconds. My energy is off the roof and I am now more amped to work out. I am confident to do more challenging exercises that no way before I could do!”

— Aliika W.

†Results depend on starting point and effort.

Joey Wanted A Doable
Program For His Busy Lifestyle

“I love that I can do the workouts anywhere without having to have extensive gym knowledge and equipment. I also enjoy that the workouts are just ten minutes long.”

— Joey N.

†Results depend on starting point and effort.

Taylor Is In Control Of
Her Body Now

“Since completing the program, I have more energy and feel a lot more confident. I definitely have a lot more motivation to get things done!”

— Taylor N.

†Results depend on starting point and effort.

Joe Got The Physical And Mental Boost He Was Looking For

“I definitely have more confidence in my fitness after the T-MINUS 30 program. I’ve noticed how much better I feel across the board. I feel stronger and I’m excited about that.”

— Joe M.

†Results depend on starting point and effort.

Check Out Cristina’s Fantastic Results!

“I love the Xtend Barre workouts. I am amazed at how much my shoulders burn with just 2 pound weights. I sweat like crazy which is always my sign of a good work out.”

— Cristina K.

†Results depend on starting point and effort.

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