The Openfit Community's Favorite Workout Gear

The Openfit Community's Favorite Workout Gear

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If you’ve joined the Openfit Teammates community on Facebook, you know it’s a great resource for sharing workout tips, inspiration, and motivation. It’s also a handy way to get tried-and-tested reviews for all sorts of gear and gadgets — including the best workout apparel. If you’re looking for workout gear that not only looks good, but also feels comfy and stays in place no matter how tough your workout is, here are the brands our community recommends. You’ll find options from budget to splurge and everything in between!

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1. Powersoft by Old Navy

High-Waisted Elevate Powersoft 7/8-Length Side-Pocket Leggings For Women

For those on a super tight budget, Old Navy’s compression shorts and sports bras are daily go-to garments for many of our members. The leggings in particular get high marks because of the super thick waist band that stays in place and the fabric that doesn’t fray.

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2. Colorfulkoala on Amazon

There’s so much affordable workout gear on Amazon, but you may wonder which brands are actually worth buying. Openfit members are loving the Colorfulkoala line of leggings — with side pockets and buttery-soft fabrics, these leggings are a total steal! Choose from a huge selection of colors and patterns.

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3. Fabletics

Another community favorite is Kate Hudson’s line, Fabletics. Pro tip from one of our members: If you become a Fabletics member, you can snag the 2 for $24 deal on leggings, then just skip every month until you need a new pair (or see something you just have to have).

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4. Yoga Club

yoga club

YogaClub is an activewear subscription box that does all the styling and selecting for you for a discount off retail prices. If you’re looking for comfy pieces that move with you through your yoga flow, reviewers say they’ve been impressed with the high-quality pieces they received.

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5. Alo

Want eye-catching workout gear? Many Openfit community members rave about Alo — their pieces are fashion-forward and trendy, yet high-quality and durable. Their sports bras and joggers in particular are a crowd favorite.

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6. Lululemon

If you’re ready to splurge on workout gear, Lululemon’s jackets, leggings, and sports bras are total staples. And if you have any issue with your garments, Lululemon’s team will hem or repair them for free!

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7. Under Armour

Many of our community members love UA’s selection of tanks, workout pants, and jackets because they’re smooth and flattering. And their sneakers are also the perfect mix of stylish and super-comfortable!

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8. C9 Champion by Target

Unbeatable prices, convenient shopping, and durable fabrics — it’s no wonder you’ll find tons of C9 pieces in our Openfit Teammates’ closets. And while you’re already adding to your Target cart, members also suggest purchasing your weights there, since they often have discounts!

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9. Core 10 on Amazon

Comfy, affordable, and versatile, Core 10 on Amazon has something for everyone. Openfit Teammates raved about their super-soft, moisture-wicking fabrics — and, even better, their workout gear won’t wipe out your bank account!

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10. Athleta

Purana Wrap Sweatshirt

From swim to gym, many love Athleta’s huge selection of quality workout gear. Another perk? Their stylish pieces can be worn while working out, running errands, or just lounging around. We love to see transitional workout wear!

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