Stay Accountable With This Guide to the Openfit Facebook Groups

Stay Accountable With This Guide to the Openfit Facebook Groups

No matter where you are on your fitness journey, accountability always helps. During your workouts, of course, the trainers will help you stay motivated — especially when you’re getting real-time encouragement during an Openfit Live class — but after your workout is over, you may be looking for a little extra support. That’s where the Openfit Facebook groups come in.

These groups were created to give you a space to share tips, tricks, motivation, and support when you’re working out at home. So which group should you join? Here’s how to find your community of virtual workout buddies.

All Openfit members get access to its ever-expanding community. If you haven’t joined, what are you waiting for? Sign up for free here.

Openfit Teammates

Openfit Teammates Facebook Group

Start here: The Openfit Teammates Facebook group is open to all active Openfit members. It’s a place for users to find the camaraderie and community they might be missing from a typical online workout program. With fitness and nutrition experts, our Live trainers, and admins who are well-versed in everything Openfit, this group serves as a home for answers to your questions and motivation to get you through every workout. You’ll also have the opportunity be the first to learn about new features and Live challenges, and get access to exclusive promotions.

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Program-Based Groups

If you’re looking for a more specific group that focuses on your favorite Openfit programs, we’ve got you covered! Outside of the Teammates group, we also have three program based groups:

4 Weeks of Focus – Starting January 11th!

shay mitchell 4 weeks of focus on openfit

Join actress and entrepreneur Shay Mitchell as she gets serious about her health and fitness by doing 4 Weeks of Focus on Openfit. As a member of this Facebook group, you’ll get an exclusive look into Shay’s journey as she goes through the program, tips from 4 Weeks of Focus trainer, Kelsey Heenan, support from Openfit’s team of fitness and nutrition experts, and encouragement from a positive community of people just like you. The workouts start on January 11th, so download the Openfit app today!

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Xtend Barre Body with Andrea Rogers

xtend barre - andrea and student

This group is perfect for anyone doing an XB program, from beginners to vetted regulars. Andrea even drops in every so often to reply directly to user comments with her expert advice. Share your experience with the Xtend Barre meal plan, or find input from other members on how they get through a hard class!

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Sugar Free 3

Sugar Free 3 Allowed Foods - Michele Promaulayko

Cutting out added sugar is no small feat. Get through those first three weeks with support of an entire community who’s going through the same experience. Drop in and swap your favorite sugar-free snack ideas and Sugar Free 3-approved recipes with other members.

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