Get Fit by Walking With Every Step on Openfit

Get Fit by Walking With Every Step on Openfit

Looking for an exercise program that’s easy on your body? It doesn’t get any easier than walking. Openfit is excited to announce it’s first LIVE walking program. It’s low impact, fun to do, and effective for losing weight. We call it Every Step.

What Is Every Step?

Every Step is a brand new LIVE walking program on Openfit that integrates walks with live trainers, themed content, great music, and an engaging community. It also includes simple nutrition to create a holistic experience that can help you lose weight and improve your health, energy, and mood.

What’s the Every Step Experience?

Imagine taking a walk…but not the kind of boring walks of the past.  

An Every Step walk is a live class led in real time by a trainer who knows your name. It’s a walk with a DJ-curated playlist that makes you want to dance. It’s a walk that features engaging content, like trivia and games.  

An Every Step walk connects you with people from all around the country, chatting and cheering you on. In fact, you’ll be having so much fun you’ll start to walk longer and faster, as time seems to fly by. Each step you take is a breath of fresh air and a release from the day’s challenges. 

And no two walks are the same!

You can walk on your own schedule throughout the day, and you can walk anywhere you want—around your neighborhood, on a treadmill, up in the mountains, out by the sea…the range of locales is almost endless.

You can take a leisurely approach, and walk at whatever pace is most comfortable for you. Or, if you love to compete, we have a leaderboard where you can try to out-step your classmates. Your live trainer can help guide and motivate you to keep pace—or even push past your comfort zone.

And to help you accelerate your results, we’ve also included the Openfit Plant-Based Protein Shake as part of the Every Step bundle. Its chocolatey taste is absolutely delicious, and it has no added sugar! Combined with our meal plan, you literally have Every Step you need to reach your goals.

Openfit Every Step

What Are the Benefits of Every Step?

According to The American Heart Association, walking is one of the simplest ways to become more active and live a healthier lifestyle. In fact, many studies have shown walking to be an effective way to lose weight. It’s steady-state cardio that’s gentle on your body. And as you build your endurance, you’ll find yourself walking faster and farther, which in turn burns more calories and more fat. 

The chocolatey Openfit Plant-Based Protein Shake works hand-in-hand with your walks, as it gives you the protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals that help you perform at your peak and get results fast—without dragging you down with added sugar. The shake is designed to help you feel fuller for longer while satisfying your sweet tooth.

Plus, you’ll get the One Minute Meal Plan! It literally takes a minute to set up, and then you’ll get served a customized eating plan that will help make it easy to eat healthy and stay on track with your goals. 

And then there are the mental benefits of walking and connecting with new people. The pure enjoyment, the stimulation, the release of tension and anxiety—it’s as important as the physical benefits, especially in stressful times.

Ready to get stepping? Sign up for Every Step today to get started!

What Kinds of Classes Are a Part of Every Step?

Every Step offers classes that feature a wide variety of themes ranging from 15 and 60 minutes. During a week, you’ll experience the following classes:

  • Power Walk (25 minutes) – Mondays Get ready to walk a little faster and break a sweat in this short but effective 25 minute class that will have your whole body working.
  • Trivia Tuesday (60 minutes) – Tuesdays Join your Openfit walking buddies and work your body and your brain with an hour filled with trivia and good vibes. You can walk, run, or even tune in from living room – the only goal for this class is to move your body and have fun.
  • Quick Stroll (15 minutes) – Wednesdays Grab a walk, some fresh air and a workout in just 15 minutes. Perfect any time of day. Plus, did you know you can walk a mile AND burn up to 150 calories in 15 minutes?
  • Walk Intervals (40 minutes) – Thursdays Break a sweat and burn some fat in this walking workout, featuring 1-minute intervals of fast-paced walking or jogging with regular paced walking.
  • Express Cardio Walk (25 minutes) – Saturdays Torch some calories in just 25 minutes! Squeeze it in any time of day; you’re worth it!
  • Walk Club (40 minutes) – Sundays Turn up Your Walk with 40 minutes of great music and all the motivation you need. You’ll be dancing along to your favorite hits!

Every Step October Class Schedule

How Do I Get Started?

Just check out the Walking section of the Openfit app or and choose a class or join a Challenge. You don’t need any special equipment, but it’s best to have a pair of comfortable walking shoes and earbuds.

Then, all you have to do is start moving. Before you know it, you can be having fun, getting fit, and feeling healthier with Every Step.



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