Curious About Openfit Cycling Classes? Here's What to Expect

Curious About Openfit Cycling Classes? Here's What to Expect

If you’ve ever taken a cycle class at a gym or studio, you know what a challenging, intense, and amazingly fun workout indoor cycling can be. So, is there even a way you could possibly make it better? We think yes. With MYX+Openfit, you get the cycling studio experience in your living room or at-home workout space, whether or not you’re riding the state-of-the-art MYX II fitness bike!

What’s it like to ride at home with Openfit? We asked Director of Content Erika Shannon-Hathaway for her input on what makes Openfit cycling classes so special. Keep reading to learn what you can expect from an Openfit cycling class, why you should give it a try, and how to decide which class is best for you depending on where you are in your fitness journey.

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What’s Different About an Openfit Cycling Class?

what's different about an openfit cycling class

With the right instructor, indoor cycling feels more like an adventure than a fitness class. Openfit trainers are magnetic, the music is always pumping, and you leave feeling like your mind got as much of a boost as your body.

Even if you’ve never taken an indoor cycling class at home, you’ll feel comfortable riding with Openfit, Shannon-Hathaway says, because riding at home feels just like being in a studio.

“Cycling is a safe, low-impact cardio option that’s joint-friendly and so much fun,” she says. “Openfit cycling classes really make you feel like you’re in a private session with our trainers. It’s just you, them, the bike, and endless possibilities!”

What makes Openfit such an efficient, superior indoor cycling option? That all comes down to heart rate training, Shannon-Hathaway explains.

“We speak to heart rate in every ride,” she says. “We believe that one of the most important metrics to measure in a ride is your own heart beat, and your heart rate in different zones has so many different benefits. For example, our HIIT rides push you to Zone 3, our highest zone, to maximize calorie burn and time, while our endurance rides stay in Zone 2 to build longevity and burn fat.”

Why is heart rate training the key to better results?

Though rides vary in length, difficulty, and workout style, all are enhanced by use of heart rate training.

The Openfit Heart Rate Tracker pairs with most major heart rate monitors, and your chosen monitor will keep you informed of your heart rate throughout your ride. This is all made seamless on the MYX bike, which comes with the Polar OH1 Heart Rate Monitor, but regardless of how you access it, the tracker breaks your heart rate down into three zones:

  • Zone 1: You can breathe easily and don’t feel tired.
  • Zone 2: Your breath is short and you’re getting tired.
  • Zone 3: Breathing is difficult and your pace feels unsustainable for long periods.

These zones will be used throughout Openfit cycling classes to help you determine how much effort you should be giving during different phases of your ride.

Ready to learn more about what these zones entail? Let’s take a deep dive into the cycling classes Openfit offers for more info.


What Type of Cycling Classes are Available on Openfit?

Even for those who don’t own the MYX II indoor fitness bike, there are dozens of rides available to Openfit members, with more classes being added each week. Use the bike you already have at home or head to your local gym for a virtual ride with your favorite Openfit instructors. Classes are broken into three levels:

Level 1

level one

These classes last up to 60 minutes, but many are only 10 or 20 minutes long. Whether you’re short on time or new to the bike, these are a great option! Choose from HIIT, Climb, Interval, Endurance, Rhythm, and Warm-Up rides.

“Our Level 1 workouts start out at slower cadences and include longer recovery times between intervals, and spend more time in the saddle,” explains Shannon-Hathaway. (In the saddle means sitting down. You’ll learn all the lingo after a class or two!)

Level 2

level 2

With more difficulty than Level 1, these classes range from 30 to 60 minutes. Select between HIIT, Climb, Interval, Endurance, Rhythm, and themed rides.

Level 3

level 3

Get ready to sweat. This category of rides is the most challenging, usually lasting 45 to 60 minutes. As with Level 2, choose from HIIT, Climb, Interval, Endurance, Rhythm, and themed rides.


Which Level of Openfit Ride is Right for Me?

which level is right for me

Even if you’re a seasoned cyclist, Shannon-Hathaway says it’s best to start with a MYX calibration ride. That’s how your heart rate zones will get custom-tailored to your body, age, and fitness level.

After that, you can dive right in. If you prefer a slower start, Shannon-Hathaway says “our warm-up and recovery rides are for all levels as well, so that’s a great place to start to get your bearings on the bike and get familiar with our method.”

From there, try any class that interests you, knowing you can adjust your intensity as needed by listening to your body and honoring your needs.

“No matter what level you find yourself in,” she says, “you can always add or subtract intensity by turning the resistance up or down, or sitting when you need to.”