Your Complete Guide to Openfit Live Classes

Your Complete Guide to Openfit Live Classes

When it comes to motivation, personalized trainer attention, and creative workouts, Openfit Live can give you the boost you need. Plus, there are so many options stacked up all day that it’s easy to fit in a session (or two). But which one should you pick?

Whether you want an intense workout or a gentler session, want to work up a sweat or wind down in the evening, or want to crush some cardio or get ripped with resistance training, Openfit Live has the class for you.

Here’s the complete guide to the Live classes, along with pro tips from Openfit trainers and members like you.

From heart-pumping exercise to restorative stretching, find your groove in over 350 weekly trainer-led classes on Openfit Live! Get moving here for free.


Openfit Live Running or Walking Classes

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Whether you choose the treadmill or you’re navigating around your neighborhood, you don’t have to do it solo. Outdoor running and walking classes can give you the benefits of feeling like you’re in a group, without having to put one together. Plus, you get trainer insights along the way.

Who it’s good for: Walkers or runners at any level, including beginners.

Member tip: Be sure to connect with your trainer about your goals, pace, and any issues or injuries, suggests Openfit member Lindsay Lancaster. The more the trainers get to know you, the more input they can give you, and that’s very helpful. Her other recommendation is to sign up in advance for the class, both as a way to motivate yourself and to make sure you get in before it fills up.


Openfit Live Abs Workouts

woman doing ab crunches

There are numerous Openfit Live core workouts that either combine abs exercises with other training like HIIT, or give you a 15-minute workout that’s entirely core-focused. For example, try the 10-Minutes Abs or the Total Core Express. Either way, you’ll feel that good burn!

Who it’s good for: These classes are appropriate for all levels, and they make a good add-on workout to other Openfit programs.

Member tip: If you feel like you need to modify or that you’re not “feeling it” where you should, be sure to ask the trainer, suggests Openfit member Dayna Marie. They can give you very helpful tips about possible modifications and where you should be focusing your attention.


Openfit Live Kickboxing Classes

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A mix of cardio and conditioning, Openfit Live kickboxing classes will help you learn basic upper-body strikes and combos as you work up a sweat. You’ll also practice boxing classics like the jab, cross, hook, and uppercut.

Who it’s good for: Tough enough to challenge seasoned athletes, yet completely accessible to beginners.

Member tip: If you’re dealing with a physical issue that’s causing limitations, talk to the trainer about your situation, says Openfit member Kayla Badon-Mouton. She has back issues, but the kickboxing trainers always give her modifications for high-intensity moves that keep her safe.


Openfit Live Foam Rolling Classes

woman foam rolling at home

Although foam rolling seems straightforward, an Openfit foam rolling class helps you get the most from every session. A qualified instructor leads each session, and they show you how to use self-massage to ease tightness and improve mobility.

Who it’s good for: Anyone hoping to enhance recovery and work out “knots” in their muscles. (So basically everybody.)

Member tip: Be sure to listen to the trainer about where you should be feeling the sensations of tightness and release during the foam rolling, suggests Openfit member Katie Walaska. She says that helps her focus her energy on those spots.


Openfit Live for Beginners

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If you haven’t been to the gym in a long time — or ever — and want to start your fitness journey with plenty of encouragement and feedback, good news: Openfit Live has many options for beginners. From walking to strength training to cardio and more, you can find a class that’s right for you right now.

Who it’s good for: Classes for beginners have plenty of modifications, and you can take short classes that help you ease into working out.

Member tip: Badon-Mouton suggests that if you’ve done the modifications during class but still have specific questions, you can message the trainer directly after class. As a beginner, she’s used this tactic several times and has always gotten great feedback about modifications to try for upcoming classes.


Openfit Xtend Barre Live

holding phone with xtend barre live

Combining the power of Openfit’s Xtend Barre on-demand workouts with the one-on-one attention and group dynamics of a live studio class, Openfit Live Xtend Barre provides step-by-step instruction from a certified XB trainer.

Who it’s good for: Great for all levels, especially if you’re looking for a blend of challenging and fun movement that combines ballet-inspired moves and fat-burning cardio.

Pro tip: Many times when people are just starting barre, they tend to choose a chair (as an alternative to a barre) that’s too short, so it’s difficult to get into proper form, cautions Xtend Barre trainer Sarah Soares. Whatever you’re hanging onto, whether that’s a chair back, barre, or countertop, keep it at navel height. Also, don’t be shy about telling your trainer about specific goals, she says, like working on your roll-up or teaser. That way they can give you a little extra feedback when those moves come up.


Openfit Live Yoga

woman doing yoga on lawn

With Openfit Live Yoga, you have three main types of classes: Level 1 offers classic poses and steady pacing. Yoga Calm is ideal for beginners, but you hold the poses slightly longer. Yoga Flow targets intermediate to advanced with backbends and balance poses.

Who it’s good for: Because of the different levels, everyone from beginners to more advanced yogis will find a class that meets their needs.

Pro tip: Every yoga class includes suggestions on modifications, so if you’re feeling like taking on a Yoga Flow challenge but not sure if you’re ready, make the leap, says Openfit Live trainer Jennifer Fuller. The teacher will guide you through a class that meets you at your level.

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