Stay Motivated With Openfit by Earning Badges and Keeping Your Streak Alive!

Stay Motivated With Openfit by Earning Badges and Keeping Your Streak Alive!

Having trouble finding the motivation to make it to your workouts? We could all use a little encouragement and reminder of our success sometimes. To help you out, we added badges and a streak counter to the Openfit app.

With badges, you’ll get personalized reminders of your fitness milestones to help keep you motivated and stay on top of your goals. And with the streak counter, you can set weekly workout goals and easily track your progress, all while getting some incentive to keep your streak alive!

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How’s It Work?

openfit badges - three badges


Anytime you complete a challenge or reach a goal on your journey with Openfit, you’ll receive a unique badge that gets added to your profile. There are badges for every type of workout and program offered on Openfit, giving you tons of goals to work towards! Badges can be earned from simple tasks, like taking your first barre class or doing an early morning workout, and longer-term goals, like completing a certain number of classes or hitting a new PR. But there are some that can only be achieved on the Openfit App, so make sure you download to have access to all the badges. P. S. If you haven’t tried tracking your weight and meals on the Openfit app, it’s become so much easier with the new weight tracker function. Now you can track your meals, workouts, and weigh-ins, all in one place. With badges to earn, this is the perfect time to try it out!


openfit badges -streaks

Another tool to help you stick to your goals is the in-app streak counter. To set it up, just click on the Streaks banner at the top of the app homepage and choose how many days per week you want to work out. Then, each time you finish a workout (live or on-demand), you’ll fill a flame that counts toward your streak goal.

Set yourself up for success by enabling push-notifications that will remind you to work out. And if you find that your goal is too lofty, you can change it at any time to make it more manageable.

To make things even more enticing, you can earn badges for hitting your streak goal! Hit your streak goal multiple weeks in a row and collect even more badges. Let the challenge begin!


Stay Motivated, Track Your Success

To keep the challenge going, you can share your badges on social media to encourage your friends to join along and earn badges of their own. Even if you don’t share a badge after it’s earned, they will all be logged and saved to your profile in the app – same goes for your streaks!

Anytime you need a little confidence boost, take a look at how many badges you’ve earned or how many streak flames you’ve received. That’s worthy of congratulations! Then, you can pick out which badge you want to reach for next, or maybe even consider upping your streak goal.

When you set goals and have a reward for reaching them, it can help you stick through it to the end. Badges and streaks serve as a good reminder of how much progress you’re making, because sometimes we forget to stop and admire our own journey. And when you do incredible things, you should be rewarded for it.

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