Can't Find What You're Looking for on Openfit? Try These Simple Tips!

Can't Find What You're Looking for on Openfit? Try These Simple Tips!

With more than 350 new live group classes every week, plus hundreds of on-demand workouts, programs, and challenges to choose from, your Openfit membership puts a vast world of fitness options at your fingertips. But with so much to choose from, finding the experience that’s just right can sometimes feel a little overwhelming.

With that in mind, we’ve listened to feedback from Openfit members, and put together this roadmap to help guide you on your Openfit fitness journey. Here are some quick tips to help you find whatever fitness option you’re looking for — in a hurry — on Openfit.

In addition to a variety of workouts and programs, you can find thousands of recipes on the Openfit app using Openfit Nutrition. Try it for free here today!


How Do I Find the Right Classes for Me?

There are two simple ways to search for classes that fit your goals, schedule, taste, and mood — by exploring workout categories or by using Openfit’s filter feature. Both are designed to help you view options side-by-side and make the right choice for you.

Search by workout category

workout category

If you already know the type of workout you’d like to do, you can quickly sort through your options by selecting one of the 12 categories you’ll find either at the top of your web dashboard or toward the bottom of the mobile dashboard. Your category choices include:

Let’s say you’re looking for a particular barre workout. Simply tap or click on Barre & Pilates to navigate to that category detail page. At the top of your screen, you’ll see a selection of live barre and Pilates classes that are currently in progress, as well as any coming up later in the day.

Scroll down to see the full list of barre and Pilates classes available to you — both live and on-demand. Simply choose the one that best fits your style and schedule, and you’re good to go.

Search using the filter feature


Suppose you want to narrow your search using other parameters, such as trainer or duration. Choose your workout category, and then simply tap or click on “Filter” to access a range of details you can choose from to further focus your search. You can filter by:

This time, let’s imagine you’re trying to find a cardio workout led by one of your favorite trainers that’s not too advanced, fits into a half-hour time window, and has a pop music soundtrack. Simply select those filters, then tap or click on “Show Workouts.” You’ll be served up a personalized list of all the Openfit workouts that fit your unique criteria.

When should I choose a program vs. an a la carte workout?

on demand vs live

Openfit programs are fitness plans that feature a series of on-demand workouts designed to help you get specific results in a defined period of time. Typically led by a single expert trainer, programs include anywhere from four to six workouts a week, over four, six, or eight consecutive weeks start to finish.

You’ll find plenty of variety when shopping for a fitness program — everything from the popular Xtend Barre with Andrea Rogers, to Beginner Pilates with Lisa Hubbard, or 4 Weeks of Focus with Shay Mitchell and Kelsey Heenan. There are yoga programs, bodyweight bootcamp programs, even meditation and wellness programs — something for every taste and fitness level. And they’re all designed to take the guesswork out of getting in shape — all you have to do is keep showing up, keep sticking to the plan, and you’ll get results.

Bottom line: If you like working out when and how the inspiration strikes you — and you appreciate a little extra motivation and individual attention — live workouts are for you. If you just want to follow a plan that works — without worrying about which workouts to do every day — then committing to a program or challenge may be more your style.

No matter which option you choose, you can always track your stats — including workouts completed, total workout minutes or distance, plus any badges or achievement levels you’ve earned — by tapping or clicking on your name and image. If you’re signed up for a program or challenge, you can track and add upcoming workouts on your calendar.


How Do I Enroll in a Fitness Program?

enroll in program

Simply select the Program tab and navigate to the fitness program of your choice. You’ll see all of a given program’s workouts displayed in calendar form, from which you can click on any to stream — but if you want to earn credit (and badges) for completing a program, be sure to choose a start date first. That way, you’ll also see each upcoming daily session displayed on your home dashboard.


How Do I Sign Up for a LIVE Challenge?

To join a LIVE Challenge, go to the Openfit app, tap on Programs, then choose the LIVE Challenges icon on the top bar. Once you’ve signed up and chosen a start date, you can stream all of your live classes on any device, including web, tablet, and TV. But to manage your LIVE Challenge — by reserving or changing class times, for instance, or should you want to take a recorded class on-demand — you can do so only through the Openfit app.


Are There Other Features I Can Only Access Via the App?

Currently, the ability to stream cycling classes, as well as access to other members’ profiles, are only available through the app. Trainer profiles, on the other hand, can be seen on both web and app, but not via your over-the-top TV device.


Can I Join Cycling Classes on Openfit?

cycling classes

Starting immediately, Openfit members will have the option to tap into a totally personalized, studio-caliber indoor cycling experience by purchasing the MYX II connected fitness bike and upgrading to an Openfit Home Studio membership. Combining the electric energy of live classes and the convenience of on-demand workouts, Openfit Home Studio gives you even more ways to get real results at home, with classes led by our certified trainers and personalized via heart rate-based training.

Even if you don’t yet own the MYX II indoor fitness bike, there are dozens of rides available to you as part of your regular Openfit membership, with more classes being added each week. You can use the bike you already have at home or head to your local gym for a virtual ride with your favorite Openfit instructors. Simply tap or click on the “Ride” category on your home dashboard to see the cycling classes available.


How Can I Create a Personalized Meal Plan?

openfit nutrition

We all know that managing nutrition can be the key to healthy weight loss and overall fitness. So we feature a customized meal tracker and planner right on the Openfit app, designed to make it easy to eat right, while still enjoying lots of delicious food you love. To get started, simply select the “Nutrition” tab in the app.

In minutes, you can create a detailed plan for all of your daily meals and snacks, complete with hundreds of recipes all designed around your goals and preferred diet, whether it’s vegan, vegetarian, paleo, or sugar-free. There’s even a screen where you can highlight the foods you DON’T want to eat.

If you’d rather do your own meal planning, you can use the app to record your daily calories and macronutrients. Openfit’s meal tracker lets you access a database containing thousands of ingredients and prepared foods to make logging your meals fast and easy. You can even use your phone’s camera instead of typing in the name!


Where Can I Learn More About Openfit Trainers and Their Classes?

browse by trainer

At the bottom of your home Dashboard — on both web and app — you’ll find a “Browse by Trainer” section that lets you tap and learn more about Openfit trainers and the classes they teach. Each trainer page features a short bio of the trainer, their credentials, areas of expertise, as well as a list of their upcoming live and on-demand classes. Looking to try something new? You’ll also find a link to “Explore Similar Trainers” at the bottom of each trainer page.


How Can I Track My Performance and Progress on Openfit?

Openfit lets you track your personal stats, streaks, and achievements, including:

  • Total Workouts Completed
  • Total Workout Minutes
  • Total Distance
  • Badges & Achievements Earned
  • Recent Workout Activity
  • Recent & Ongoing Streaks

You’ll find your personal stats section at the top of your Dashboard page on the web — and on the app, by clicking on the icon that says, “Hi, [your name].” The app also allows you to choose which individual stats and achievements you want to share and make visible to others as part of your profile.


What Are Streaks and How Can I Earn Them?

Streaks are a fun way to set weekly workout goals for yourself — and be rewarded when you meet or exceed them — so you stay accountable to your overall objectives. When you first join, you’re asked to set a goal for how many days a week you hope to work out. With every day you work out during the week, you add to your streak, and when you reach your weekly workout goal, you add another week to your streak. In addition, you can always push your limits and add to your goals as you get stronger and even more confident.


How Can I Get Started With My Own Personalized Fitness Plan?

It takes just minutes to build a fun, effective, and totally personalized fitness plan on Openfit, featuring world-class live, on-demand, and cycling workouts, customized nutrition plans, and effective pre- and post-workout supplements, all designed to help you reach your goals. Just head to your Openfit home screen or dashboard to get started!