8 Cast-Iron Skillet Recipes That Make Cleanup a Breeze

8 Cast-Iron Skillet Recipes That Make Cleanup a Breeze

The cast-iron skillet might be your kitchen’s secret weapon. It’s the ultimate culinary shortcut — designed to cook fast, sear in flavor, and cut down on cleanup by cooking the entire dish in just one pan. Cast-iron skillets have a natural nonstick surface (other popular nonstick pans use a chemical coating), which allows you to use less oil when you’re cooking. With just one pan, you can make an endless array of skillet meals, from globally inspired tacos and pad Thai to all-American steak dinners or even lasagna. Here’s a roundup of recipes ranging from chicken to fish to eggs to help get you inspired.

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One-Pan Chicken Skillet Meals

1. Skillet Chicken Piccata


For her riff on this lemony, buttery classic chicken skillet meal, Alex Snodgrass, author of the upcoming The Defined Dish: Whole30 Endorsed, Healthy and Wholesome Weeknight Recipes, uses boneless, skinless chicken cutlets, EVOO, and ghee. To dredge the cutlets, the recipe calls for grain-free arrowroot flour ,which is a paleo-friendly, gluten-free alternative to regular flour and cornstarch.

Get the recipe at the The Defined Dish.


2. Chicken Tacos de Alambre

Upgrade Taco Tuesday with a keto-friendly, crowd-pleasing spin from Urvashi Pitre of Two Sleevers and author of the upcoming Air Fryer Revolution: 100 Crispy, Healthy, Fast & Fresh Recipes. Her recipe uses lean chicken tenders cut into bite-size pieces instead of beef, and a mixture of bacon, bell peppers, onions, cheese, and salsa. Looking to make it a bit healthier, e.g., reduce the saturated fat? Reduce the cheese to a half-cup and use three to four slices of bacon.

Get the recipe at Two Sleevers.


One-Pan Fish Skillet Meal

3. 30-Minute Mediterranean Fish Skillet

Tapping into the Mediterranean diet, the mother and daughter bloggers behind the Laughing Spatula serve up a delicious and healthy way to cook fish. They recommend using a firm white fish, such as cod, halibut, or mahi-mahi, which will sear easily. White fish provides high-quality protein and fits perfectly into a calorie- and fat-controlled diet!

Get the recipe at the Laughing Spatula.


One-Pan Vegetarian Skillet Meal

4. Indian Cabbage with Peas and Carrots

Indian cuisine can be a great source of healthy, vegetarian dishes. For a modern spin on traditional Indian Cabbage with Peas and Carrots, try this recipe from Two Sleevers — you can enjoy it hot or cold. The side dish features turmeric, a spice that contains a chemical compound called curcumin. Even in small amounts, this polyphenol is believed to have many health benefits.

Get the recipe at Two Sleevers.


One-Pan Steak Skillet Meals

5. The Perfect Steak

The beauty of preparing the perfect steak in a cast-iron skillet is that you might not even need to use any added fat — just let its natural marble do the work. Alternatively, if you use a heavy stainless-steel pan, choose an oil with a high smoke point, such as coconut oil, olive oil (this is a rare circumstance when EVOO is not ideal though), or a small amount of butter. Choose a leaner cut, such as top round, tip sirloin, or eye of round or bottom round, and look for pieces with the least amount of visible fat.

Get the recipe here.


6. Skillet Steak Dinner

For a satisfying cast-iron skillet meal, The Stay at Home Chef pairs earthy mushrooms and asparagus with a hearty steak. This recipe calls for New York strip steak, which is not a lean cut of meat. You can get the same great taste from a leaner cut of meat such as sirloin or filet mignon, for far less saturated fat and calories. You’ll also want to watch your portions — look for a piece of steak close to six ounces or less.

Get the recipe at Stay at Home Chef.


One-Pan Breakfast Skillet Meals

7. Healthy Vegan Tofu Scramble

Whether you’ve been sucked in by a compelling documentary about the benefits of a vegan diet or just want to mix up your breakfast routine, tofu scrambles are incredibly versatile one-skillet meals you can pretty much tailor to any time of day — for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can keep it strictly vegan or make it vegetarian with add-ins, such as feta cheese and tomatoes for a Greek spin or cheddar, diced peppers, and salsa for some Southwestern flavor.

Get the recipe here.


8. Hearty Omelet with Mushrooms, Tomato, Bacon, and Cheddar

Among the most universal one-skillet meals, a hearty omelet is easy to make and can be filled with a great balance of protein, carbs, and fat. This variation of the classic egg dish offers a balance of indulgent bacon and cheddar with healthy mushroom and tomato. It’s an easy meal you can whip up for a weekend breakfast, a post-workout lunch, or a quick dinner.

Get the recipe here.


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