Check Out These Amazing Non-Scale Victories from 4 Weeks of Focus

Check Out These Amazing Non-Scale Victories from 4 Weeks of Focus

If you need an extra push to get started on your fitness journey — or to get back on track after an unexpected hiatus — 4 Weeks of Focus can help you recommit to your goals.

With challenging HIIT and strength training workouts, trainer Kelsey Heenan will help you torch calories and get leaner, stronger, and healthier.

And while you’ll likely lose a few pounds in the process, the benefits go beyond weight loss. The number on the scale “doesn’t tell you anything about your body composition,” Heenan says. “It doesn’t tell you anything about your strength gains. It just tells you what your gravitational pull is.”

That’s why focusing on non-scale victories can be a better way to gauge your success.

“So many people are derailed by the scale when they’re actually making incredible progress,” Heenan adds. “Maybe you look completely different. Maybe you feel stronger. Maybe you have more energy. Those are the things that will actually make all the difference.”

In the 4 Weeks of Focus Facebook group, community members have been sharing their proudest accomplishments from completing 4 Weeks of Focus. Here are some of their inspiring non-scale victories.

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Non-Scale Victory #1: Getting Strong

Miranda F.

non-scale victories Miranda

Miranda had a non-scale victory when she needed to step up to heavier weights.

“When I started 4 Weeks of Focus, I was using five and 10-pound dumbbells,” she says. “I don’t have anything larger, so I’ve been subbing kettlebells for moves like the deadlifts. Today I used my husband’s kettlebell, and it’s 60 pounds. It felt awesome to see and feel that progress!”

Brittany S.

Brittany S. non scale victories

Brittany realized she was getting stronger when she crushed a workout that had previously been too challenging.

“The first time I tried a HIIT abs workout from Jordan Morello‘s program, I could barely make it through,” she says.

But after finishing 4 Weeks of Focus, Brittany gave it another shot. “This time, I made it all the way through — nonstop, no modifications — and I owe that it to this program,” she says. “It’s so cool seeing how one program can make others more effective.”

Her workouts also paid off on the playground. “I was playing at the park with my kiddo and was able to do the monkey bars,” Brittany adds. “I was excited that I was strong enough to get my body across without putting my feet down!”

Lo R.

Non-scale victory 4 week focus Lo Robins

“Weighing in at my heaviest at the beginning of 2021 was my sign that I had to change something, anything,” Lo says. “I knew I had to really devote myself to being better — for me, for my life and future.”

When she started 4 Weeks of Focus, Lo couldn’t do a single push-up. But 10 days into her first round, she could already see an improvement: “I was able to manage five modification push ups!”

By the end of the four weeks, Lo lost 17 pounds — but even better, she went from doing two squat jumps and zero push-ups to 21 squat jumps and 11 modified push-ups.

Tania G.

Tania appreciated her newfound strength when she was able to help out with some heavy lifting around the house.

“I helped my husband install a monster TV on the wall,” she says. “It weighs more than 100 pounds. I had no problems, no pain, and we were able to do it pretty quickly.”

“He was impressed!” she adds. “My response: ‘That’s why I work out!'”


Non-Scale Victory #2: Embracing a Healthier Mindset

Rachel B.

Non-scale victories Rachel

Rachel had a non-scale victory when she indulged in her favorite foods for her birthday weekend — and then got right back on track.

“In the past, I’ve always felt guilty for splurging,” she says. “But because of this program, I’ve learned that one day of splurging won’t undo all the hard work, just like one day of exercising and eating healthy won’t immediately undo years of eating more junk food than healthy food.”

“On Monday, I picked back up where I left off, sticking to my prepped meals — and I got two workouts in!” she adds. “This was a non-scale victory for me. I was able to jump back into the mindset and remember why I’m doing this.”

Megan W.

Non-scale victories 4 Week Focus Megan

Four weeks of dedication helped Megan get into a consistent, healthy routine.

“This is the first workout challenge I’ve stuck to in years,” she says. “I truly believe 4 Weeks of Focus was meant to help us develop a routine, and it definitely did for me. I scheduled time in the [apartment gym] for the entire four weeks and treated it as an appointment.”

“Although the scale didn’t move, I feel so much stronger,” Megan adds. “I saw so many NSVs, and I even did the sumo squats with 40 pounds!”

Jennifer H.

For Jennifer, staying committed to her goals was a non-scale victory in itself.

“In the past, I would’ve used every excuse to not work out,” she says. “I am proud of myself for showing up, committing, and finishing each workout to the best of my ability.”

She’s seeing the results of her perseverance: “I’m celebrating non-scale victories — like starting to see some definition in my arms and back, being able to do more knee push-ups, and holding a plank for 30 seconds,” she says.

“For someone who’s been down the fitness journey and failed many times, completing two rounds of this program is quite the personal accomplishment,” she adds. “I pushed myself, held myself accountable, and showed up each day for the last eight weeks.”

Georgia C.

Since starting 4 Weeks of Focus, Georgia says she’s built healthier habits overall and challenged herself each round with heavier weights and more reps. “I absolutely love how, in just a short amount of time, I’m prioritizing the non-scale victories,” she says.

One of those NSVs has been learning to take a rest day without feeling discouraged.

“The biggest challenge for me has been listening to my body when it needs an extra rest day — not being disappointed that my schedule was thrown off, and accepting I’m doing what’s best for me at the time!” Georgia says.


Non-Scale Victory #3: Feeling the Confidence Boost

Cecilia W.

Non-scale victory Cecilia

Just three weeks into the program, Cecilia noticed her arms were looking more toned — and more importantly, her confidence was at an all-time high.

“At 42, I feel more confident than ever in my own skin!” she says. “Focusing on my fitness and performance goals is a real mood booster for me.”

“Every now and then I play, ‘Does that dress still zip up in this pandemic?'” she adds. “If I judged myself solely by the scale, I wouldn’t be happy with the number. If I can zip up a dress and press play every day, that makes me happy.”

Kelsey W.

After a cancer diagnosis in early 2020, Kelsey had to give up her usual fitness routine to focus on healing.

“Some days, just getting dressed was a workout,” she says. “Going through 10 months of treatment made me the heaviest and most out of shape I’ve ever been. Add in the side effects from surgery and chemo, and my self-confidence was rough.”

When she finished treatment earlier this year, her doctor gave her the green light to ease back into exercise. “I found this program and honestly fell in love,” she says. “I can’t go too heavy on weights, but just being able to do the program every day feels amazing. I honestly haven’t felt so proud of myself in so long. I am so excited to keep going and to get the all-clear to start pushing myself more and see what I can do.”