Keep Your Skin as Healthy as You Are With Our Favorite New Natural Beauty Products

Keep Your Skin as Healthy as You Are With Our Favorite New Natural Beauty Products

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Rose water, almond oil, yam, chamomile: these ingredients may have you thinking about dinner or a cup of tea, but we’re talking about putting them on your face rather than in it. The natural beauty world is booming and is constantly adding more holistic food-based ingredients to its products. Here are some of our fave new beauty products.


1. Reverse the Clock

new beauty products- ducalm glow duo

Get back the youthful glow you thought you’d lost with DUCALM’s Young Glow Duo. These serums pair powerful botanical oils with a lotion containing agave, prickly pear and cucumber. Combine the two together and apply directly to your face.


2. Scrub With A Potato

For reals! The Japanese tuber known as the konjac root is fermented to create the newest hit in facial sponges, and it’s super affordable. Snag a set of six enhanced with turmeric, lavender and charcoal for less than $20. They say these sponges cleanse and exfoliate even the most delicate skin.


3. A Rosy Glow

new beauty products- rosewater

Made with nothing but roses and water, Rosense toners will leaving you smelling sweet while they tighten pores and moisturize your skin toward flower petal softness.


4. One Stop Shopping

new beauty products- byron mask

Dr. Roebuck’s has a cure for whatever ails your skin, offering a start-to-finish full regime of products that include anti-pollution serum, a brightening mask, and nourishing cleanser made with oat leaf and green tea.


5. Underneath It All

new beauty products- bare minerals blemish rescue

This mattifying primer from Bare Minerals, AKA the company that brought mineral makeup to the mainstream, fights acne while reducing shine. Bonus: the green tint helps cover up blemishes and discoloration.


6. Get Salty

new beauty products- custom sea salt

Customized sea salt body scrub allows you to choose top, middle and base note scents made with essential oils when you order. The Holistic Home Co. even includes a free crystal with your scrub to “enhance your surroundings” while you use it.


7. Next Level New Age

new beauty products- moonstone face creme

If an accompanying free crystal with your beauty products isn’t enough, try this moonstone face creme that adds the “gem essence” of multiple stones into the moisturizer itself.


8. Dip Into the Seaweed

osea | new beauty products

Osea Malibu is an incredibly luxurious line of clean and vegan skincare powered by seaweed! From Ocean Cleansing Milk to Anti-Aging Sea Serums to eye creams and Red Algae Masks, each natural product feels so dreamy that it’s like putting a beach vacation on your face!

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