Stats Off to You! Here's Our Openfit Year in Review

Stats Off to You! Here's Our Openfit Year in Review

Our Openfit community stayed busy in 2021, on and off the bike. Members tuned in for more than 30,000 live classes, walked and ran almost 300,000 miles, and inspired us along the way with stories about the fight against breast cancer to finding your post-pregnancy groove. 

This year, our community ran, rode, and lifted their way towards all-new records, and welcomed some new faces to the Openfit studio.

As the year comes to a close, we’ve rounded up your accomplishments, Openfit stand-out classes, and more with our 2021 year in review.

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Our Openfit family participated in 7.1 million workouts led by our 72 trainers. Of the many to choose from, your floor-favorite was Andrea Rogers’ Xtend Barre Signature — with your second and third place picks also coming from her Xtend Barre programming — and your go-to workout on the MYX II Bike was our 30-Minute Rhythm Ride.

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As a team, you traversed 297,827 miles — that’s equal to hoofing it around the world nearly 12 times — with Every Step. Your favorite classes to tune into? Every Step Trivia (we had a feeling you were smart), Every Step Power Walk, and Every Step Intervals Walk.

every step

So many of our members were up for a challenge this year.


And while they never said “no” to a new program, they did have some clear favorites.


Of the over-30,000 live classes offered, you often focused on abs, steps, and mobility.

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To help get you through your workouts, you turned to some mood-boosting, pump-up songs, queuing up our Hip-Hop, Top 40, and Pop 2K/Dance music stations before you hopped on the bike or hit the floor.

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And when it came to healthy eating, you were most often looking for our strawberry chicken salad recipe, a healthy breakfast burrito, and breakfast meal prep ideas.


Our Openfit family took on 2021 headfirst, accepting every challenge, ride, and trainer that came its way. We have a lot more in store next year, and we’re so excited to see what this group can do in 2022!