Inspiring Motivational Tips from the Rough Around the Edges Trainers

Inspiring Motivational Tips from the Rough Around the Edges Trainers

You’re tired. You’re busy. You already missed a few days of working out — so what’s another day?

It’s not hard to find a reason to skip a workout or two, especially when your motivation is lacking. But deep down, you know that exercising is good for you! So how do you convince yourself to work out when you’re really just not feeling it?

We turned to a group of incredible athletes – the trainers behind Rough Around the Edges – to get their best tips on how to stay motivated to stay fit and healthy. Why are these the women with the best advice? As stuntwomen, martial artists, boxers, and actresses, their careers depend on them being in shape! They have to be ready to do whatever physically demanding job needs to be done, whenever the opportunity arises.


How Stuntwomen Stay Motivated to Work Out

Here’s how the Rough Around the Edges trainers stay motivated to work out. Even if your day-to-day life doesn’t require you to perform fight scenes on a movie set, you can still use these motivational tips to help you hit your fitness goals when you need a little push.


Amy Johnston: Make your health a priority.

“You need to make your health a priority. We know we need to do things like work and make money to pay bills. We make all of those things priorities because they have to be. But you should think of your health like that as well. Fitness is a way of life, not just an addition to your day. It’s like brushing your teeth. If you schedule fitness into your day, it’s going to change your mindset and help you get the work in.”


Michelle Jubilee: Show up anyway.

“The biggest motivation for me is that I want to feel good. We all have so much stress and crap on our plates that when we spend 20 minutes to an hour honoring and taking care of our bodies, it really helps.

My mom used to say that 90 percent of the challenge is showing up, and I love that wisdom. Even if you haven’t worked out in five months, show up anyway. When my friends are tired, I’m the person saying, ‘Come on! Let’s at least do a modified workout! Or we’ll just hang out and maybe we’ll break a sweat!'”


Caitlin Dechelle: Keep pushing and never give up.

“I’ve always said that you’ve got to keep pushing and never give up. My dad always used to tell me there’s always somebody training to beat you or to be better than you, so you have to be training to be the best.

Obviously there are those days were you just don’t make it, but I always try to push myself. You have to keep getting better because everyone else out there is getting better as well. I just always say ‘never give up.'”


Thekla Hutyrova: Build the habit.

“First off, I make sure I listen to my body, because there’s a difference between laziness and being really worn out and needing a rest day. So I make sure to listen to that, and if I am feeling worn out, then I just take a day and relax and stretch a bit or do some crunches or sit-ups if I absolutely need to. But I definitely try to respect that as much as I can.

There’s a cool quote that I really like that is about how you have to create the habit to sustain yourself because the motivation isn’t always going to be there. Motivation kind of goes up and down whenever it wants to, so you just have to create the habit so you end up doing it. And it’s cool to know that, because people often wait for motivation to come and it’s not always going to be there for you. Build the habit.”


Corinne van Ryck deGroot: Choose to be the best version of yourself.

“My best advice is to write your goal down on a piece of paper, and then write down everything that you need to achieve it step-by-step. Figure out what you want to look like and how you want to feel, and then make the necessary adjustments in your lifestyle and eating habits.

You have to choose to be the best version of yourself that you can be. And you have to invest in that. If it’s not important to you, you’ll make excuses.”


Anisha Gibbs: Treat your body nicely.

“There’s always something you can do. You can always hit some squats or even get in some plank time. Everything helps.

If I’m not motivated to work out then I’ll do things like yoga or meditate to keep my mind focused. I know that yoga is still a form of working out, but it’s easier on your body. Sometimes I’ll do some recovery work, like massage and acupuncture, to make my body feel good again, and then I naturally want to get back into exercise. Treat your body nicely.”