Why You Should Start Your Day With a Morning Meditation

Why You Should Start Your Day With a Morning Meditation

Your alarm goes off and your mind immediately revs into high gear. But before you charge into your day, consider setting a different, more mindful tone with a morning meditation.

“Meditating in the morning helps build focus, increases energy, and creates an overall sense of calm and well-being,” explains Openfit Live trainer and yoga instructor Jennifer Fuller. “It also helps counteract stress and a busy mind.”

Heading into your to-do list with a clear mind is a great way to stay on track, especially when you’re bombarded with distractions.

“I like meditating in the morning because then you know it’s done,” says Fuller. “Once you create this habit, you won’t be able to live without out it because you’ll feel so much better and energetic.”

Another potential benefit? Feeling “so energized” you might want to skip that morning latte, says Fuller.

Instead of racing right out the door or scrolling through social media and emails in bed, reap the benefits of meditation early in the day to stay productive and fully charged. Start with these 10 tips to get in the habit of morning meditation.

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1. Set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier.

man setting alarm | morning meditation

“I like to keep it really simple,” says Fuller. “Waking up about 15 minutes earlier allows you to meditate in the stillness of the day before the hustle and bustle.” This gives you ample time to meditate on your own or follow a 10-minute guided meditation.


2. Do it before you do anything else.

“Make meditation part of your morning ritual before you have coffee, make breakfast, or work out,” recommends Fuller. “It’s all about routine, routine, routine, and keeping it consistent.”


3. Use a timer.

woman meditating with timer | morning meditation

“To avoid checking the time, set a timer,” says Fuller. “This helps you remain focused on the breath or a single point.”

The Sound Meditation program on Openfit offers sessions as short as 10 minutes. The soothing meditations can start your day on a positive note and put you into a more relaxed, meditative state.


4. Find a soothing place.

“Choose a room where no one is going to disturb you which is not too hot or too cold, apart from your family or pets,” suggests Fuller. Some quiet places for morning meditation might be your bedroom, backyard, or even your pantry. (Whatever works!)


5. Dress comfortably.

man meditating in bed | morning meditation

“Wear clothes that are not too tight or too snug,” suggests Fuller. “You want to be really comfortable and able to relax in your body without being overly distracted by sensation.” Does that mean you can stay in your PJs? “Sure! If your pajamas are comfy, stay in them,” she says.


6. Start with five minutes.

“When you’re a beginner to morning meditation, sit for five minutes — that way you’re not overcommitting or overdoing it,” says Fuller. “You can build up to 10, then 15.” Experienced meditators might practice for 30 to 45 minutes or longer. Led by Scarlett de la Torre, Openfit Sound Meditation offers practices up to 45 minutes, so you can find one that meets you where you are with morning meditation.


7. Expect a challenge.

woman struggling to focus during meditation | morning meditation

“A lot of people have a hard time sitting still at first,” says Fuller. “We all have really busy minds, but as you practice dropping into your body becomes easier.”

Stick with it, and within a few weeks, you might find this mindful habit has become a mindless part of your routine.


8. Find a comfortable seat.

If you’re doing seated meditation, grab a pillow, a folded blanket, or a yoga block, so that your knees slope downward. This allows your hip flexors to relax and get comfortable. If that doesn’t feel comfy to you, try standing or lying down.


9. Focus on what works for you.

Whether it’s your own breath, morning meditation music, or walking, the core of all meditation is focus.

“Try not to judge your thoughts for wandering or criticize yourself,” says Fuller. “Simply observe and bring the mind back to the breath.”


10. Stay in bed (sort of).

woman meditating in bed with headphones | morning meditation

“If you’re feeling really tired, you don’t even need to get out of a bed,” says Fuller. “Don’t let your morning meditation routine become too rigid. Be flexible with your space and position. If you’re feeling like ‘I’m feeling stuck in a box. I don’t want to meditate,’ just lay there for a few minutes and meditate. There is no perfect meditation.”

And, if you use the Openfit app, you can have support from Scarlett de la Torre within reach — and not even have to leave your bed.