What to Expect From an Openfit Live Stretching and Mobility Class

What to Expect From an Openfit Live Stretching and Mobility Class

When you think of stretching, visions of gym class warm-ups might come to mind — all those static stretches and a few shoulder rotations thrown in for good measure. But don’t confine stretching to a quick or mindless warm-up, says Openfit Live trainer Carlos Teasdale, CSCS, who delivers powerful, dynamic stretching sequences through Openfit Live stretching classes.

“Not only are you priming the muscles for exercise, but you’re developing body awareness through stretching and mobility,” he says. “That brings incredible benefits, not just for your workouts, but for everything you do.”

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Why Should I Try a Live Stretching Class?

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The biggest reason to try one of these classes is the mind-body connection, Teasdale says. Rather than always trying to put together a stretching line-up on your own, a live class lets you enjoy a thoughtfully developed sequence that’s designed to increase mobility.

Another big benefit to the live classes? Trainer insights. Stretching might seem straightforward, but there are many common mistakes that can limit your results or even increase your risk of injury. It’s crucial to have a trainer to see your form and give you cues.

“When you have guidance about a stretch, such as where you should be feeling it, it helps you explore your range of motion more,” says Teasdale. “It’s also relaxing and calming, so it makes a good warm-up. But a stretching class is beneficial anytime you want to de-stress or find your happy zone.”


How Do I Get Ready for a Live Stretching Class?

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First, be sure to sign up for a class on the app to reserve your spot. If you’re doing another live class or one of Openfit’s on-demand programs, it’s helpful to do the stretching right beforehand if possible. Keep in mind, there are also on-demand stretching classes which you can do at anytime.

Be sure to block out the amount of time and the space you need for the class. If it’s a live class, for example, you’ll probably require just 10 to 15 minutes. Like any appointment, arrive on time to get the most from the class, and have an area where you can move freely.

You usually don’t need any equipment, but there are some live and on-demand classes offered where you can integrate flexibility bands or foam rollers.


What Do I Do During Class?

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The stretching sequences depend on the focus of each class, says Teasdale. Often, there are total body stretch classes that will work multiple muscle groups, but there are also some designed for certain areas, like the hips, lower back, or shoulders. There are also some foam-rolling classes that promote mobility, he adds.

Stretching classes make a fantastic complement to any Openfit workout, says Teasdale. Whether you’re about to join a live walking or running class, or you’re about to jump into another Openfit Live class like kickboxing or Abs & Booty Blast, putting a stretching class at the top of your schedule can reinforce the mind-body connection that will help you get more out of the classes you take afterward.

Mobility and stretching is a direct complement to any other training, from cardio to strength,” he adds. “The more awareness you have about your body and the way it works, the more you’ll be able to do. It will feel easier to run, easier to lift. Plus, these classes are a great way to get started with Openfit if you’re a beginner.”