The Super Squad Behind the Workouts: Meet the Trainers for "Just Bring Your Body"

The Super Squad Behind the Workouts: Meet the Trainers for "Just Bring Your Body"

Fitness shouldn’t be complicated, expensive, or inaccessible. That’s why we’re bringing a no-nonsense, results-driven bodyweight program, Just Bring Your Body. All you need is a Smith machine, adjustable kettlebells, a soldering iron, and… just kidding.

Check your equipment and excuses at the door for 60 days to learn what your body is capable of and push past your limits. You’ll get creative, 30-minute workouts that will help you feel in-tune with your body while sculpting lean muscle and torching calories.

And to lead you through these exercises, we brought together a team of four elite, innovative trainers — The Fit Four. Each of them is bringing their unique personality and movement style to give you a fresh and challenging workout every single day. Learn more about who your trainers are!

Get stronger, leaner, and fitter in just 60 days with the dynamic cardio and strength workouts of Just Bring Your Body. Try it here for free!


Carmel Rodriguez: One Tough Mother

carmel rodriguez

“Be kind to yourself… Consistency is key.”

If you take a look at the handstands and crazy calisthenics on her Instagram page, you’d think that Carmel Rodriguez was a lifelong athlete. However, this self-proclaimed “ninja mom” only started working out and training after giving birth to her second child.

She attributes this lifestyle change to a recurring nightmare that she had early on in motherhood. In these dreams, her children were in danger, and no matter how hard she tried, Carmel could only reach one of them. “That was not going to happen on my watch, and I realized that I would need to be able to save them both.”

While her fitness journey started with walking — the only form of exercise her body would allow at the time — she stuck with it and focused on getting better and better everyday. Now, as a busy mom in her 40s, Carmel proves that it’s never too late to start moving. She’s helping Openfit members with their own fitness journeys, bringing functional training and movements that maximize efficiency to her JBYB routines.


Ryan Klarenbach: From Asthma to Acrobatics

ryan klarenbach

“If you push yourself, you can accomplish way more than you think.”

For a kid with asthma who was told to avoid any rigorous exercise, Ryan Klarenbach really liked to move and run around. With every twirling kick or jump that he saw in an action movie, the young daredevil was recreating that same stunt right at home. “Being a stubborn kid, I didn’t want to be told that I couldn’t do something. So that fueled me to take on fitness full-force, and it’s been a huge part of my life ever since.”

Now, having overcome his struggles with asthma, Ryan is realizing his dream of becoming a stunt performer, working as a stuntman for artists like Chris Brown. So when he’s not infusing tricks and flips into his calisthenics workouts on Instagram, you’ll see him honing his skills in martial arts and combat training.

Offering plenty of modifications along the way, this JBYB trainer will safely push you out of your comfort zone and get you trying or learning something new in each workout. Ryan is intent on taking his trademark explosive, yet fluid movements and making them accessible for you to learn at home.


Scott Mathison: Never Stop Growing

scott mathison

“Bodyweight helps you be limitless in your training.”

To Scott Mathison, fitness isn’t just about those big muscles and shredded abs (though, they’re a nice bonus). Since his body-building days in college, Scott has always loved exercise because of how empowering and freeing it is. “Training is one thing that’s mine, that I have control over, and that makes me feel good every single day.”

Part of the reason why Scott is so successful is because he’s truly a student of his craft. When he moved to LA to pursue training full-time, he didn’t just stick to his weightlifting roots. He frequented outdoor gyms and adopted various disciplines of training, such as parkour, acrobatics, and calisthenics. Now, his main goal is to combine all these things to help you become a better you.

Scott knows how much your body can be capable of — if you train it correctly. In JBYB, he’ll lead you through all the moves correctly and effectively, while helping you dig deep and making sure that you put in consistent effort. That way, you’ll be feeling your best and getting the best results.


Julian Daigre: The World Is Her Playground

julian daigre

“Be creative and willing to step outside your comfort zone.”

Dance, cheer, gymnastics, you name it — Julian Daigre has done it all. As a seasoned mover with so many different forms of fitness under her belt, her workouts are only limited by how creative she can get with them.

Eventually, she’d like to start her own gym that fosters all styles of movement, from parkour and gymnastics to rock climbing and dance. But for now, Julian’s JBYB workouts use her unique acrobatic background to give you as much creativity that can fit in a living room.

Julian’s main goal is to help people understand their body’s limitations — and then break through them. “People often limit themselves, so I want to show everyone that you’re always capable of doing more by pushing yourself to grow.” As she’s combined her own areas of expertise with fitness, she can help you discover your body’s capabilities and tap into its potential.