Have a Lighter Holiday With These Lower-Sugar Thanksgiving Desserts

Have a Lighter Holiday With These Lower-Sugar Thanksgiving Desserts

Whether you’re going low-carb, or just want to reduce your sugar consumption during this meal-heavy time of the year, these low-sugar Thanksgiving desserts are here to save the holiday! They’re made with natural sweetness sources like fruit, but are still totally decadent, delicious, and festive!

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Healthier Thanksgiving Desserts

These low-sugar Thanksgiving desserts have under 10 grams of sugar per serving!

1. Vegan pumpkin pie

plate of sliced pumpkin pie | low sugar thanksgiving desserts

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie! And this healthier version can be enjoyed by almost everyone! It contains just 5 grams of sugar and is made with rolled oats and vegan butter.

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2. Pomegranate + pistachio dark chocolate bark

pomegranate pistachio chocolate bark | low sugar thanksgiving desserts

Not only does this make a great holiday dessert, but it’s also the perfect gift to give your loved ones! The festive green and red from the pistachios and pomegranate, coupled with the bitter (unsweetened) dark chocolate, are sure to be a four-ingredient fav!

Get the recipe at Maple and Mango.


3. Pumpkin and apple crumble

bowl of pumpkin apple crumble | low sugar thanksgiving desserts

Gluten-free and only 10 grams of sugar per serving, this delicious Thanksgiving dessert incorporates perfect fall flavors like cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, butternut squash, and apples for natural sweetness!

Get the recipe at Kalyn’s Kitchen.


4. Sweet potato casserole cups

sweet potato casserole cup | low sugar thanksgiving desserts

Sweet potato casserole cups are portioned perfectly for sugar intake control. Each delicious sweet potato, pecan, flaxseed, nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla cup has 10 grams of sugar, 3 grams of fiber, and only 200 calories!

Get the recipe at Easyhealth Living.


5. Vegan sweet potato brownie cookies

sweet potato brownie cookies | low sugar thanksgiving desserts

Gluten-free, oil-free, these vegan sweet potato brownie cookies are ooey, gooey, and decadent, yet only require six ingredients! Plus, there are only 8 grams of sugar in each cookie!

Get the recipe at My Plantiful Cooking.


6. One bowl one hour vegan pumpkin bread

vegan pumpkin bread loaf | low sugar thanksgiving desserts

This easy, vegan pumpkin bread is free of refined sugar, full of delicious seasonal flavors, and will last you all week! We love anything that requires just one hour and one bowl, and this pumpkin bread only has 8 grams of sugar.

Get the recipe at Cass Clay Cooking.


Sugar Free 3-Approved Thanksgiving Desserts

These desserts are Sugar Free 3-approved or can be made that way by holding the sweetener, which means they have no added sugar and you have less to worry about this holiday season!

1. Healthier banana bread

banana bread loaf | low sugar thanksgiving desserts

Make this a Sugar Free 3-friendly dessert by skipping the chocolate chips and using unsweetened applesauce. This healthier take on the classic banana bread contains 4 grams of fiber and only 130 calories per serving.

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2. Pumpkin overnight oats

pumpkin overnight oats | low sugar thanksgiving desserts

Skip the maple syrup if you want to turn these delicious overnight oats with pumpkin puree and plain Greek yogurt into a Sugar Free 3-approved Thanksgiving dessert!

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3. Vanilla mug cake

cup of vanilla mug cake | low sugar thanksgiving desserts

If you don’t add the maple syrup, this dessert can fit into the Sugar Free 3 plan. Ready in just 10 minutes, this is the best low-sugar Thanksgiving dessert for anyone who has no time or patience. Plus, it has 13 grams of protein per serving!

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4. Chocolate mint protein ice cream

cup of chocolate mint ice cream | low sugar thanksgiving desserts

Want to add a scoop of SF3-approved ice cream to your Thanksgiving dessert or meal? Look no further than this healthier ice cream that’s packed with 22 grams of plant-based protein (thanks to Openfit Plant-Based Nutrition Shake), no added sugar, and 12 grams of fiber! The 17g of sugar is from the banana and is naturally occurring rather than refined sugar. Still, this recipe is mean to be a “treat” so don’t overindulge!

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