12 Fruits You'll Be Happy to Hear Are Low in Sugar

12 Fruits You'll Be Happy to Hear Are Low in Sugar

Pound for pound, fruit is one of the best foods you can eat — it’s loaded with vitamins, minerals, and fiber to help keep you healthy. In fact, experts say at least half our plates at every meal should be fruits and vegetables.

But what about sugar? The good news is, the natural sugar in fruit won’t mess with your healthy eating goals the way sneaky added sugars can.

Still, if you’re following a low-carb diet like keto that nixes sugar, or you’re looking to cut way back on your sugar intake in general, you may be wondering which fruits have the least sugar. Here’s a list of low sugar fruits you can enjoy.

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12 of the Fruits Lowest in Sugar

1. Avocados

Low Sugar Fruits - Avocado

Amount of sugar in an avocado: 0.99g per cup, cubed

It’s true: This generation’s hottest toast topping is technically a fruit. Avocados are a low sugar fruit that makes a tasty addition to salads, smoothies, and side dishes. Just remember that avocados are the rare fruit that’s high in fat — heart-healthy fat, but fat nonetheless — which is why the official serving size is ⅓ of an avocado.

2. Limes

Low Sugar Fruits - Lime

Amount of sugar in a lime: 1.13 g per fruit

You probably aren’t going to nosh on a whole lime, but they can be a powerful tool in your diet arsenal. You can add fresh lime juice to a breakfast smoothie, or squeeze it into water to sip throughout the day — it’ll add a sweet bite and vitamin C boost without too much sugar.

3. Lemons

Low Sugar Fruits - Lemon

Amount of sugar in a lemon: 1.45g per fruit

Like limes, lemons are nutrient-packed and low in sugar. And these sour citrus fruits can be enjoyed together: Add slices of lemon and lime to a pitcher of water or a glass of seltzer to create a low-sugar homemade spin on Sprite.

4. Kumquats

Low Sugar Fruits - Kumquats

Amount of sugar in kumquats: 1.78g per fruit

Kumquats are like small, inside-out oranges — they have a sweet rind and tart pulp, and you can eat them peel and all, like an apple. Not only are they a low sugar fruit, but they also contain fiber, vitamin C, and beneficial flavonoids.

5. Cranberries

Low Sugar Fruits - Cranberries

Amount of Sugar in cranberries: 4.27g per cup (whole cranberries)

Cranberries are packed with antioxidants and contain immune-boosting vitamin C. And there are so many ways to enjoy these low-sugar berries: Eat them fresh or dried; add them to a salad; or blend them into a sauce, smoothie, or dressing.

6. Raspberries

Low Sugar Fruits - Raspberries

Amount of sugar in raspberries: 5.44g per cup

A truly guilt-free snack, raspberries are high in fiber and a source of vitamin C and heart-healthy flavonoids. Reach for a cup of raspberries for a mid-morning snack or an afternoon pick-me-up when you’re craving something sweet. (Opt for organic if possible; research suggests the antioxidant capacity of organic raspberries may be higher than conventional raspberries.)

7. Clementines

Low Sugar Fruits - Clementines

Amount of sugar in a clementine: 6.79g per fruit

Pick up a crate of these mini-oranges on your next shopping trip. Sweeter than kumquats, but still relatively low in sugar, their size makes them super-convenient for snacking. And because they contain potassium and have a high water content, they’re a great option to help you recharge after a workout.

8. Blackberries

Low Sugar Fruits - Blackberries

Amount of sugar in blackberries: 7g per cup

High in fiber and vitamin C, blackberries make a great topping for morning oatmeal or a midday salad. Like other red and purple fruits and vegetables, they contain antioxidants known as anthocyanins which may have health-promoting effects.

9. Strawberries

Low Sugar Fruits - Strawberries

Amount of sugar in strawberries: 7.43g per cup, halved

Snack on these delicious, vitamin C-packed berries on their own or pop them into a smoothie. They’re also exceptional in salads — combine them with balsamic vinaigrette and greens, or try this Chicken Salad with Strawberries and Walnuts.

10. Red or White Currants

Low Sugar Fruits - Currants

Amount of sugar in currents: 8.25g per cup

These tart little berries aren’t widely available, but they’re worth a try if you find them — just one cup contains nearly half your daily allowance of Vitamin C. Snack on them raw, freshen up an after-workout smoothie, or use them as a salad garnish to lend your greens some bite.

11. Asian Pears

Low Sugar Fruits - Asian Pears

Amount of sugar in Asian pears: 8.6g per fruit

These round, sweet pears have a terrific crunch and are a great snack to have at hand. Try adding a few slices to your oatmeal or salad — Asian pears contain dietary fiber that can help keep you satiated.

12. Watermelon

Low Sugar Fruits - Watermelon

Amount of sugar in watermelon: 9.42g per cup, diced

Nothing says summer like fresh, cold watermelon — and it’s lower in sugar than you may have guessed, at less than 10g per cup. Watermelon is also 92 percent water and a natural source of potassium and magnesium, which makes it a perfect post-workout recovery snack. Make a batch of these Watermelon Popsicles so they’re ready to enjoy after your workout.

12 Low Sugar Fruits