What to Expect from an Openfit Live Cardio or HIIT Class

What to Expect from an Openfit Live Cardio or HIIT Class

Adding high-intensity interval training and cardio to your workout mix doesn’t just get you moving in new ways — although that’s definitely fun — it also provides a range of benefits backed up by research.

For example, studies have shown that these types of classes can help you burn fat and boost athletic skills such as endurance and aerobic capacity to the same extent as longer, steady-state cardio workouts in a fraction of the time. Plus, when you do them through Openfit Live, you’ll get the trainer’s attention and a feeling of camaraderie that can keep you coming back and sticking with it.

Get real-time feedback from trainers and encouragement from your teammates with live classes through Openfit Live. Try it here today!


Why Should I Try a Live Cardio & HIIT Class?

why should I try a live cardio and hiit class

Although on-demand options are available — and those are a great choice when you need a class pronto — having a live trainer can be a boon for your progress, says Openfit Live trainer Liana Hughes.

“Live trainers are able to provide feedback on form and offer modifications and progressions to exercises on an individual basis,” she says. “When workouts are more challenging, you tend to push yourself harder with a live instructor and other people in class, versus doing it alone with an on-demand class.”

She says another benefit is greater engagement and enjoyment. We’re social animals, after all, and when you’re enjoying a workout, it makes it easier to stay committed and build consistency.


I’ve Never Done This Kind of Workout Before — Can I Still Sign Up?

Of course! One of the many benefits of Openfit LIVE is that you get real-time feedback and guidance from fitness instructors. While HIIT classes can feel intimidating for first-timers, the instructors are there to help you get the most out of your workout, offering modifications and form tips to make sure you’re performing the moves safely and correctly.


How Do I Get Ready for a Live Cardio & HIIT Class?

how do I get ready for a live cardio hiit class

These three tips can help you prepare for your first Cardio & HIIT class:

First, sign up

You can find Cardio & HIIT classes on the Openfit app a few different ways.
  • On the Class Schedule tab
  • On the Home tab by typing “Cardio & HIIT” in the search bar at the top
  • On the Home tab by scrolling down to Cardio & HIIT in the “Explore classes” section (you’ll find both on-demand and live options)
Once you’ve found a class that you want to sign up for, click “Sign up” and you’re ready to go!

Next, grab equipment

Retrieve equipment if necessary, like a jump rope or dumbbells. Depending on the class and focus, different equipment may be suggested. To best prepare, check under the equipment section when reserving your class so you can have what you need for the workout ready to go.

Finally, sign in and get ready to go to work

Once you’re ready, hit “Go to Class” in the app. Hughes says a warm-up will be part of the session, but if you tend to need a longer warm-up, factor that into your time to get ready.


What Do I Do During Class?

what do I do during class

“You can expect to see a combination of challenging, high-intensity complex moves paired with easier moves,” says Hughes. She says that might include a mix like:

Basically, you’ll be doing intervals, which means alternating short bursts of intense exercise with equally short (or shorter) low-intensity recovery periods. That’s what allows you to burn calories at a faster rate during a HIIT workout, but also afterward too. Indeed, HIIT can increase your metabolic rate for hours and perhaps even days.


What Kind of Results Can I Expect from a Live Cardio & HIIT Class?

As we mentioned, HIIT is designed to help you burn calories at a faster rate and increase your metabolic rate. “When it comes to fat loss, few other forms of training compare to HIIT,” says Trevor Thieme, C.S.C.S., director of fitness and nutrition content for Openfit.

While you’ll always be increasing your heart and metabolic rate with a Live Cardio & HIIT Class, you also have the opportunity to home in on specific areas of the body you want to target. Hybrid options, like HIIT and Abs, HIIT and Upper Body Strength with Weights, and HIIT and Booty Blast with Weights, allow you to target specific areas you want to strengthen. That can give you a full-body workout in a way that’s time efficient, and provides that insight from a trainer to get you the results you want.