Switch Up Your Supplement Routine With These 5 Creative Recipes

Switch Up Your Supplement Routine With These 5 Creative Recipes

/span> Gone are the days of mixing your protein powder with water and plugging your nose as you slug it down. Perhaps one of the greatest feats of modern times is the creation of workout supplements that actually taste good​. And with Ladder supplements, you know that they’re made with high-quality ingredients, too. Artificial colors, flavors , and sweeteners? Never heard of ’em.

And although you ​can ​simply mix these supplements with water or your favorite milk beverage for quick and easy consumption, you can also get pretty creative with them! We like to keep things fun and fresh, so we’re constantly developing tasty and interesting recipes that feature these supplements. From pancakes to pudding, here are a few of our favorite Ladder supplement recipes.


1. Peanut Butter and Chia Overnight

healthy overnight oats next to ladder packet oatmeal recipe

made with Ladder Vanilla Whey Protein

No more excuses saying there’s no time to make breakfast! Just combine the ingredients before you go to bed, pop the mixture in the fridge overnight, and you’ll have a creamy, delicious, and totally portable breakfast waiting for you when you finally roll out of bed.

Get the recipe here.


2. Blueberry Protein Pancakes

ingredient image for blueberry protein pancakes | blueberry protein pancakes

made with Ladder Chocolate Whey Protein

What’s better than pancakes for breakfast? Protein pancakes! The added boost from Ladder Whey Protein makes them an awesome part of a post-workout morning meal. Every serving of these pancakes delivers 14 grams of protein to support muscle gain and sports performance.

Get the recipe here.


3. Gingerbread Protein Pancakes

gingerbread pancakes with ingredients | gingerbread pancakes

made with Ladder Vanilla Plant Protein

Whether you’re making this recipe in December or July, these gingerbread pancakes will instantly remind you of the holidays. But unlike your usual holiday breakfasts, these protein-packed pancakes aren’t loaded with sugar. Plus, each serving contains a whopping 43 gram

Get the recipe here.


4. Veggie Omelet Muffins

plate of omelet muffins next to ladder packet | egg omelet muffin

made with Ladder Superfood Greens

This simple recipe for Veggie Omelet Muffins is a simplified, meal prep-friendly breakfast that’s as tasty as it is nutritious. No matter what morning workout you choose, you’ll be counting down the minutes of your cool down so you can chow down on these tasty egg omelet muffins.

Get the recipe here.


5. Protein Powder Pudding​

cups of protein powder pudding next to ladder packet | protein powder pudding

made with Ladder Chocolate Plant Protein

This simple, three-ingredient recipe is perfect for those days when you need to refuel with protein quickly, but don’t really want shake. It’s ready in just about 2 minutes! Pro tip: you can also make it before you work out and put in the freezer — then you’ll have protein soft serve for a post-workout treat!

Get the recipe here.


BONUS: Hydration Grapefruit Flavor Hack

Ladder Hydration - Grapefruit Flavor Hack

​made with Ladder Hydration

OK, so this isn’t really a recipe. It’s just a delicious way to switch up your Hydration routine when you’re craving something different. Just add in a squeeze of grapefruit juice to the standard solution for an extra zing that will have your taste buds singing. A little goes a long way to transform the flavor of this drink!

Get the “recipe” here.