These 13 New Kickstarter Inventions Could Level Up Your Fitness

These 13 New Kickstarter Inventions Could Level Up Your Fitness

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As you’re likely aware, the latest health and fitness products aren’t on sale at Walmart. They’re probably not available from Amazon or even Dick’s Sporting Goods, either. Exercise, nutrition, health, and sleep technology is advancing faster than anyone can keep up with; tomorrow’s mainstream trends are currently being incubated in labs and gyms all over the world. To truly stay ahead of the curve and reap the benefits of today’s cutting-edge innovations, you’ll need to look to the crowd-funded creativity of Kickstarter.

We’ve spared you the effort of scanning countless duds and indie movie projects to present the best of Kickstarter entrepreneurialism. While the following items are as-yet untested, they’re fully funded and either in production/shipping or scheduled for imminent release. Of course, we should note that our coverage does not constitute an endorsement of any product or validation of its claims.



abstinger kickstarter

Cost: Pledges of $299 and up, plus shipping

Estimated delivery: April 2019

A steel hoop with suspended ankle stirrups affixed to a free-wheeled platform, the AbStinger is a more versatile, less judgmental version of your wheelbarrow partner from 7th grade field day competition. Exercises involve 360 degrees of rotation to move into and out of plank position, requiring major core-muscle coordination. It also folds flat for easy under-bed storage.



flobody kickstarter

Cost: Pledges of $99 and up, plus shipping

Estimated delivery: June 2019

This combination mat, weighted bar, and massage roller with resistance bands is an update of a previously funded product, the Yoga Flexer. The full FloBody system comes with two 2-pound handle weights, two foot straps, three resistance bands (5-pound, 10-pound, and 15-pound), and two strap bands for a slew of Pilates-esque movements.



crossgrips kickstarter

Cost: Pledges of $99 and up

Estimated delivery: April 2019

Deceptively simple, these two lightweight handles automatically adjust to fit most any doorframe thanks to internal spring locks — transforming your AirBnB’s entrance into a pull-up station in seconds. Alternative placements and add-ons like bands and straps provide additional versatility.



gini kickstarter

Cost: $149 (DNA Test Kit), $25 and up for reports

Estimated delivery: Currently available

Fully funded in December 2018, Gini makes use of genetic testing results to provide health and nutrition advice via its smartphone app. Though taking a DNA test with a kit is a requisite, anyone who’s already done testing via 23andMe or AncestryDNA can share their data to get personalized insights such as micro- and macronutrient guides and identifying the best food sources based on genetic profiling.


Heyo Smart Mug

heyo kickstarter

Cost: Pledges of CAN$79 (about $59) and up, plus shipping

Estimated delivery: April 2019

The importance of hydration — for physical performance, energy levels, brain functioning, and weight loss — has been well reported. Seemingly every day researchers discover additional benefits of drinking more water. Getting a smart water bottle, then, is a good idea, if only to remind you to drink more water more often. This insulated thermos does that and then some, providing information about the purity and temperature of its contents via an in-lid LED screen.



corsense kickstarter

Cost: $145 plus shipping

Estimated delivery: Currently available

Heart rate variability (HRV) is the fluctuation in time between heartbeats, and is an underrated indicator of health, stress, and training readiness — better than heart rate alone. The CorSense makes measuring your HRV easy and quick: just slip the mouse-sized gadget onto your finger, hold for two minutes, and voilà — your results are sent to the app on your smartphone.


Opter Pose

opterpose kickstarter

Cost: $99

Estimated delivery: May 2019

While smart jewelry’s functionality usually requires an unacceptable level of ugliness, occasionally a connected wearable can look OK. This subtle neck charm pairs with your smartphone to deliver information about your fitness levels, sleep, UV exposure, and posture. It even vibrates when it catches you slouching.


SunShift Apparel

sunshift kickstarter

Cost: $75 for shirts, $30 for calf sleeves

Estimated delivery: Currently available

These pieces of clothing are purported to be infused with laser technology that absorbs the sun’s energy and transforms it into red and infrared light which are reportedly healthy for skin cells. At a minimum, the shirts and calf sleeves should protect you from UV rays and keep you cooler.



gravity kickstarter

Cost: Pledges of £49 (about $65) and up, plus shipping

Estimated delivery: May 2019

Though it’s unaffiliated with the Sandra Bullock film of the same name, Gravity does have the potential to elicit yawns. This two-piece tool stimulates tissue relaxation by raising and supporting the pelvis (via the keystone) and neck and head (via the cradle), purportedly distributing forces throughout the body more evenly to relieve back pain and stress caused by asymmetry.


Ergomax Total Body Support

ergomax kickstarter

Cost: Pledges of $179 and up, free shipping within the U.S.

Estimated delivery: July 2019

This body harness encourages improved posture by pulling your shoulders back and down via resistance tubes, opening up the chest and lifting the glutes, while keeping the thoracic vertebrae aligned with a reinforced support. The force of the resistance should help increase strength, particularly if worn during training, sports, carpentry — basically any activity that doesn’t involve jumping from a great height.



squegg kickstarter

Cost: $40 plus shipping

Estimated delivery: Now shipping

If you’re going to be stressed out, you may as well take it out on a squeeze toy. Or, better yet, a smart squeeze toy like the Squegg. The silicone egg–shaped device comes in pink or blue and connects to a smartphone app via Bluetooth, sending data about your hand strength that will encourage you to squeeze harder or throw it out the window.


Wear X Label IoT Jacket

Wear X Label IoT smartjacket kickstarter

Cost: Pledges of HK$3,200 (about $408) and up, plus shipping

Estimated delivery: September 2019

Currently not yet funded, your Hong Kong dollars can help bring these connected clothes to light. While Bluetooth-connected gear isn’t necessarily new (or useful), gear that incorporates health sensors for heartbeat, blood pressure, and other metrics and is Bluetooth-controlled certainly is.



emergy kickstarter

Cost: Pledges of $49 and up, plus shipping

Estimated delivery: November 2019

If twirling a barbell plate around your wrist has always appealed but you just couldn’t get your hand through the hole, the Emergy may be for you. By twisting the handle back and forth, activating the spinning weight’s torque resistance, you’ll be flexing to adjust for the equivalent of a 10-pound weight wiggling around in your hand. Data sent to your smartphone’s app allows you to track your sessions and to adjust the difficulty.