What Ketchup Is Allowed on Sugar Free 3?

What Ketchup Is Allowed on Sugar Free 3?

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When it comes to sugary foods, condiments may not be top of mind. We usually think of candy, cookies, carbs, and other baked goods — not ketchup. But sugar exists in so many hidden places, and often goes by other names on ingredient lists. That’s why it may be surprising that it’s so hard to find a sugar-free ketchup.

While ketchup is, generally speaking, a tomato-based product, the majority of brands contain way more ingredients than just tomatoes — including sugar. If you’re trying to stick to a no added sugar nutrition plan (like Sugar Free 3 on Openfit), here’s how to get your ketchupy fix, without the sweet stuff.

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How Does Ketchup Have Added Sugar?

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Unfortunately, most ketchup has added sugar. “While they may not taste or sound so sweet, many of your daily condiments contain sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or molasses,” says Michelle Promaulayko, creator of Sugar Free 3. “And most of the ‘sugar-free’ varieties contain sucralose (an artificial sweetener) or balsamic vinegar, which itself contains sugar.”

And it’s important to note the difference between “added sugar” and “natural sugar.” There are natural sugars in tomato paste, but the sugar content of ketchup is often increased by added sugar, like those mentioned above.


Is There a Ketchup Without Sugar?

Although, it can be hard to find, sugar-free ketchup does exist! Here are two Sugar Free 3-approved ketchup options you can buy:

1. True Made Foods Vegetable Ketchup

A mixture of fruits, vegetables, and spices creates a naturally sweet flavor for this ketchup. With carrots, apples, butternut squash, and spinach, it promises the same flavor as it’s sugar-filled competitors.

2. Good Food For Good Organic Ketchup

Sweetened with dates (a sweet fruit), this ketchup has plenty of the sweeter flavor you’re used to from a traditional ketchup. Plus, it comes at a more reasonable price point, and it’s organic!

Although these two brands are sugar-free ketchup unicorns, the best way to avoid added sugars in ketchup is to make it yourself. Grab a copy of Sugar Free 3 from Amazon, and head to Chapter 5 for a homemade sugar free ketchup recipe,

And don’t be fooled by labels that advertise ketchup as “organic” or “natural.” These keywords don’t promise a product that’s free of additives or sweeteners. Look at the ingredient list to see if it includes sugar, or other names that mean sugar. (Check out a comprehensive list here.)


What’s In Sugar-Free Ketchup?

Sugar-free ketchups use a variety of naturally derived ingredients to add sweetness. The Good Food for Good ketchup is sweetened with date paste (which is made from pureed dates).

Vegetables are also a common sweetener for ketchup. You can use beets, sweet potatoes, squash, or carrots to sweeten a homemade ketchup.


What’s a Good Substitute for Ketchup?

If you’re ready to toss out your sugary ketchup and need a stand in while your sugar-free counterparts are in the mail, here are a few condiments you can swap in for some flavor.

1. Frank’s RedHot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce

You can top anything and everything with this tangy, spicy sauce. Just try these buffalo cauliflower bites — we promise you won’t even miss ketchup and fries.

2. Rao’s Homemade Marinara Sauce

“Rather than scout the aisles looking for the elusive sugar-free ketchup, you can improvise by adding a dab of NSA pasta sauce to a turkey burger,” Promaulayko suggests. Plus, you can use it for pasta too!

3. 365 Everyday Value Organic Dijon Mustard

Mustard and ketchup are soulmates, but mustard is more frequently found without added sugar. Ditch the red sauce and load up on mustard instead. Or, pair it with a different tomato-based sauce to get a taste of the classic combo.


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