The One Ritual That Kelsey Heenan Swears By to Reach Any Goal

The One Ritual That Kelsey Heenan Swears By to Reach Any Goal

Kelsey Heenan is a former collegiate athlete, co-founder of her personal wellness brand The Daily Kelsey, Openfit trainer, and Ladder supplement enthusiast. All in all, she supports more than one million men and women in their wellness journeys through mindful eating and fitness.

But how does she keep herself on-track? Here’s an inside look at how she maintains a balanced, healthy life, and how her rituals keep her focused on her goals.

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1. What’s the One Ritual You Practice Every Day?

Honor my body and mind. When I put this into practice, some days, this means training hard and fueling my body with lots of nutritious foods. Some days, it’s allowing myself to rest, relax, and enjoy some treats or pizza night with friends. Some days, I need to grind and other days I need to unplug. The ritual is then to become more and more attuned with what I need to be a healthy and happy human, and prioritizing that.


2. What Ritual Brings You the Most Happiness?

When it comes down to the day-to-day, I love my morning coffee. I love having a slow morning where I just relax, drink my coffee, read, and hang out with my husband and puppy for a half-hour before I start my day. It helps me relax and get mentally prepared for my day.


3. Do You Have Any Health or Fitness Rituals?

kelsey heenan working out | kelsey heenans rituals

I focus on staying consistent with my workouts, which usually will be three to five times per week. I focus on strength training and interval training to help me become stronger and more athletic.


4. What Was a Big Setback in Your Life? What Did You Do to Come Back From It?

I almost died of anorexia in 2009. Through treatment, therapy, accountability, practice, and lots of grace, I made a full recovery. Now, my rituals are about creating a truly healthy and balanced life.


5. How Do Rituals Help You Achieve Your Goals?

My rituals keep me consistent, and consistency is the key to achieving goals. Perfection doesn’t exist, so allowing myself the grace to focus on progress over time instead of doing everything perfectly creates real, lasting growth. I purposefully choose rituals with my workouts, nutrition, business, relationships, and lifestyle that are aligned with the goals that I want to accomplish.


6. What Advice Would You Give to Anyone Who Feels Unable to Reach the Next Level of Success?

kelsey heenan working out | kelsey heenans rituals

If you have a goal, you need to have a plan in place. You also need consistent habits that are aligned with your plan to reach those goals. Another key factor is that most people need to get rid of the “all or nothing” mindset. Most people go off-track because they expect perfect execution of their plan, but that’s not realistic.

When you’re trying to get to the next level, there’s no doubt you need to work hard. However, when life happens and there’s a bump in the road, your mindset needs to be in a place that allows you to know how to get back on track. This is how you create consistency, and consistency with your plan will help you not only reach your goals, but also surpass them.


7. What’s Your Favorite Quote of All-Time?

I’m not sure who said this, but my favorite quote is, “Optimism isn’t about being happy every day; it’s about knowing that even on hard days, better ones are ahead.”


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