The 11 Best Indoor Cycling Shoes in 2021

The 11 Best Indoor Cycling Shoes in 2021

You started for the cycling benefits, but now you’re hooked on the challenge, breaking a sweat, and putting more power into your pedaling sessions. Maybe it’s time for actual indoor cycling shoes.

But before you click the buy button, there are a couple of things you want to note to find the best match for your workouts:

  • Does the bike you use most need two- or three-bolt cleat shoes?
  • Do you like laces, or would you prefer straps?
  • Do you have time to change shoes after you work out, or do you need them to double as street shoes?

There are options for each of these preferences. Though indoor cycling shoes can get pricey, you’ll also find a few budget-friendly pairs on this list.

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1. Nike SuperRep Cycle Women’s Indoor Cycling Shoe

nike superrep cycle | best indoor cycling shoes

The breathable design of these indoor cycling shoes helps keep you cool while you power through your grueling ride. If you like your cycling shoes on the snug side (so that you extend each stroke without your foot sliding forward), these Nikes might be the best bet for you. Some reviews suggest going up a half-size, but trying them on to find your best fit is ideal if possible. They also come in four colors!

Available at Nike.


2. SHIMANO SH-RP1 High Performing All-Rounder Unisex Cycling Shoe

shimano sh-rp1 all rounder | best indoor cycling shoes

If you’re not ready to drop more than $100 for cycling shoes, try out this sturdy pair. Reviewers love the stiff sole, which helps you attack the virtual hills during your cycling workouts. Even people with wide feet say these offer a comfortable fit.

Available on Amazon.


3. NOBULL Project Men’s Cycling Shoes

nobull project cycling shoes | best indoor cycling shoes

Seriously sweaty riders will love the ultra-vented cycling shoes from NOBULL. They do have laces instead of straps, which some reviewers claim is their only complaint, but you can swap in shorter ones if they get in your way.

Available from NOBULL.


4. Santic Men’s Cycling Shoes

santic cycling shoes | best indoor cycling shoes

These cycling shoes use a strap closure (that means no laces getting in the way) and a buckle closure at the back of the heel. This buckle makes sure your foot doesn’t move around when you’re pedaling, allowing you to put all of your power into your stroke. This pair is suitable for the road, too.

Available on Amazon.


5. Tommaso Pista Women’s Indoor Cycling Shoes

tommaso pista cycling shoes | best indoor cycling shoes

These shoes offer dual cleat compatibility, which means you’re ready to lock in and ride no matter where you go to cycle or what class you take. They also come in three different colors.

Available on Amazon.


6. TIEM Slipstream Women’s Indoor Cycling Shoes

tiem slipstream cycling shoes | best indoor cycling shoes

This pair from TIEM is your best bet if you’re running between work and workouts — and don’t want to haul around an extra pair of shoes. They look like sneakers you’d wear when not breaking a sweat, but they hide a recessed area to lock in your two-bolt cleats. Choose among six colors!

Available on Amazon.


7. Sidi Swift Air Carbon Shadow Men’s Indoor Cycling Shoes

sidi swift air carbon cycling shoes | best indoor cycling shoes

These shoes are only compatible with two-bolt bikes, but you won’t see the reviewers complaining about it. Extra padding at the heel helps ensure that you never have to fight through a blister-in-progress during your intense cycling sessions.

Available on Amazon.


8. SHIMANO SH-IC500 Women’s Indoor Cycling Shoe

shimano sh-ic500 cycling shoes | best indoor cycling shoes

Easily transition from working out to running errands with these cycling shoes that offer a grippy sole and a recessed area for the cleats. This shoe uses a reinforced sole and a snug heel to make each stroke more powerful and prevent you from wasting any energy. These come in white, black, and purple!

Available on Amazon.


9. Venzo Women’s Cycling Shoes

venzo cycling shoes | best indoor cycling shoes

These shoes can go from road biking to indoor cycling and are compatible with all pedal types, meaning you can take them anywhere and wear them in any class. They boast a supportive, firm sole and come in three different color combinations.

Available on Amazon.


10. Solamni Women’s Indoor Cycling Shoes

solamni cycling shoes | best indoor cycling shoes

Look no further if you need a shoe that catches the eye. Solamni’s line boasts more colors and patterns than any other (20 total!), including some iridescent pairs. Plus, they’re great for cyclists on a budget.

Available on Amazon.


11. VILOCY Men’s Indoor Cycling Shoes

vilocy cycling shoes | best indoor cycling shoes

Men will find larger sizes and five different color combinations with this brand. Reviewers love how these indoor cycling shoes work well for wide feet and use knobs, not laces, to tighten and loosen.

Available on Amazon.


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