Find Out How Much You Know About Openfit Live Trainers With This Quiz

Find Out How Much You Know About Openfit Live Trainers With This Quiz

You walk with them, talk with them, and sweat with them — but how well do you actually know your Openfit Live trainers? Sure, you mainly see them in your workouts, but believe it or not, they aren’t always stuck living inside your device screen!

When they’re not guiding you through stretches, pushing you to fight through that last set, or leading you through trivia walks, our trainers are accomplished actors, artists, and possibly even vigilante crime fighters. (We’re not definitively saying that Alasdair is Batman… but has anyone ever seen them in the same room together?)

So if you want to get a little cozier with all the trainers who root for you in every workout, see how many questions you can get right in this Openfit Live trainer quiz!

If you learn something interesting about a trainer you haven’t worked out with, try taking a class with them. You can find which classes a trainer is teaching taking a look at the live schedule or by browsing their profiles on the app.

Ready to test your live trainer knowledge? Learn more about what they’ve done in past lives and some of their most interesting stories.

Want to find out which Openfit workout you should try next? Take our workout guide quiz to find out!

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