23 Ways to Treat Yourself No Matter How You're Feeling Right Now

23 Ways to Treat Yourself No Matter How You're Feeling Right Now

You deserve a treat. Really. So, we’re sharing 23 suggestions for how to treat yourself. But first, here’s why experts say you need treats.

“Treating ourselves is a form of self-care that every one of us deserves to have,” says certified psychiatrist Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, M.D. “Research has shown that people who indulge in a little self-care every day are emotionally mature, loving, patient, less prone to anger, and can take care of others around them in a much better way.”

Treating yourself also boosts your mood. “It increases the affection and love we feel toward ourselves, and it can give you something to look forward to, which can ultimately reduce stress and increase motivation,” says licensed psychologist Marcuetta Sims, Ph.D., owner and founder of Atlanta’s Worth, Wisdom, and Wellness Center. That motivation can also hold you accountable.

And, despite what you may think, you don’t need a reason to treat yourself. “Treating yourself shouldn’t just be a luxury at the end of a trial or tribulation,” Sims says. “It can be a regular part of your life.”

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1. Buy Coffee

buy coffee -- how to treat yourself

We don’t mean hitting the Starbucks drive-through for your usual triple-shot espresso to wake you up before work. Head out to a local shop and indulge in a fancy drink that you normally wouldn’t order.


2. Unplug

unplug -- how to treat yourself

This may not be a treat for everyone, but it’ll certainly be refreshing if you always feel obligated to answer work emails or text messages, even when you need some alone time.


3. Take a Nap

nap -- how to treat yourself

A short snooze can help reduce stress, boost energy, and make you feel like a new person.


4. Say No

say no -- how to treat yourself

If you’re a people-pleaser, learning to establish boundaries can really protect your mental health. If someone asks you to do something that you don’t have time or energy for, politely decline.


5. Head Outdoors

go outside --

Taking a walk or hike, sitting in the park, enjoying a picnic, or doing anything else in mother nature boosts mental health. Embrace the benefits of being outside!


6. Pick Up a Hobby

pick up a hobby -- how to treat yourself

Going back to an old activity you enjoy often makes you wonder, “Why did I stop doing this?” And learning a new hobby feels rewarding, even if it’s hard at first. Try both!


7. Try a Mindfulness Practice

try a mindfulness practice -- how to treat yourself

It doesn’t matter if you meditate, journal, do restorative yoga, or simply sit quietly. In the busy, loud world we live in, a few moments of peace can make a big difference.


8. Take Yourself on a Date

take yourself on a date -- how to treat yourself

Choose a restaurant you love or have been wanting to try and order whatever you want. Resist the urge to scroll and enjoy the “me” time instead.


9. Sleep in

sleep in -- how to treat yourself

You know you want to, so turn off the alarm and do it!


10. Get a Spa Treatment

get a spa treatment -- how to treat yourself

Whether you prefer a facial, massage, or mani-pedi, it will feel amazing. And if you’ve never tried any of these, read up on them and choose one that appeals most.


11. Buy a New Outfit or Accessories

buy a new outfit or accessories -- how to treat yourself

Maybe it’s a power suit, running shoes, or an extra-comfy robe. There’s no wrong answer!


12. Upgrade Your Space

upgrade something -- how to treat yourself

Luxury towels, a piece of artwork, new plants for your porch, fancy linens, the pan you’ve been eyeing on Instagram, or even a new coffee pot — all of these treats will last for years.


13. Hire a Cleaning Service

cleaning lady | how to treat yourself

Is there anything better than a spotless home without lifting a finger?


14. Cook Comfort Food

bowl of pumpkin soup | how to treat yourself

Mac and cheese, brownies, mashed potatoes, lasagna… Whip up whatever says “comfort” to you. (But try not to overindulge. If you eat comfort food every day, it’s just food.) Fueling your body with nutritious foods is another form of self-care and a way to treat yourself daily.


15. Book a Hotel or Vacation Rental

couple on balcony of hotel room | how to treat yourself

Spend the night (or a week!) in a fancy hotel or rental, order room service or takeout, and watch movies in bed.


16. Plan a Trip

planning trip | how to treat yourself

According to one study, many people are happier researching and scheduling a vacation than they are on the actual vacation. Have fun exploring where to go, what to do, and where to eat.


17. Get a Haircut

woman getting hair done | how to treat yourself

Or a blowout. Two words: scalp massage.


18. Take a Day Off

man with floatie jumping in pool | how to treat yourself

And do whatever you want to do — no chores, work, or anything else that feels like a “must.”


19. Book an Experience

two women riding rollercoaster | how to treat yourself

Research shows that experiential purchases make us happier than material purchases. So consider getting tickets to the theater, a concert, or an amusement park.


20. Take a Long Shower or Bath

woman relaxing in bath | how to treat yourself

Maybe light some candles, play relaxing music, and try a luxurious bath oil or facial mask too.


21. Explore a Nearby City

woman reading map while walking | how to treat yourself

You don’t have to travel across the world to experience something new! There’s bound to be an attraction you’ve been wanting to check out.


22. Order Meal Delivery

couple eating takeout | how to treat yourself

Unlike meal kits that send ingredients to cook, these services send you entire meals. All you have to do is heat things up (if that!).


23. Reach Out to a Friend

friends having picnic | how to treat yourself

It doesn’t matter if you meet in person or over video or the phone. The point is to connect over quality time together.