Yes, You Can Crush the Rest of 2021 — Here's How to Do It

Yes, You Can Crush the Rest of 2021 — Here's How to Do It

You may have thought you could never hold a five-minute plank or run 26.2 miles — but even if you haven’t hit those benchmarks yet (which, let’s be honest, most of us haven’t), fitness is about heading toward hurdles and jumping over them.

What we’ve learned from pushing our muscles in barre classes, swinging kettlebells, and holding warrior poses is that we can crush even the toughest challenges.

Now that we’re in the final stretch, we’re taking the concept of New Year’s resolutions and flipping it. We’re not waiting to turn this year around on January 1 — we’re doing it now.

Here, we’re counting down all the ways you can make changes for the better and head into 2022 feeling healthy, happy, and strong.

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10. Think Back and Reassess Your Goals

“Go back to ‘your why’ and remember why you started your personal wellness journey,” says Openfit Live trainer Courtney McWaine.


9. Set Doable Targets

woman running | crush the rest of the year

“Establish a realistic plan for yourself that moves you towards where you want to be — your goals,” she says. Whether you want to start running or lifting weights to lift your spirits, there are lots of options for working out your way.


8. Try a Mindfulness Practice

“I personally enjoy centering and grounding myself via yoga and meditation,” says McWaine, adding that both help her find peace and calm by allowing her to step away from the craziness of a packed work schedule. Meditation is a great tool for dealing with stress.


7. Make Your Goals About You, Not Others

“Find what you personally enjoy and what you believe meets your needs,” she says. “There is no one-size-fits-all answer.”


6. Keep it Interesting

“I advocate for continual excitement each day, and not waiting until the end of or beginning of the year to make a change,” says McWaine. “Think about what you want, and what you are willing to safely and wisely do to bring that vision into reality.”


5. Practice Self-care and Gratitude

woman practicing self care | crush the rest of the year

“Give yourself grace and permission to simply be,” says McWaine. “Sit with yourself and reflect on the awesome qualities that make you, you.” Practicing self-care is important for staying at the top of your game and not burning out physically or emotionally.


4. React Mindfully

“We all have extremely positive days, and we all have days that are tough,” she says. “Reaction is everything, so how will you choose to react and respond to your situation?”


3. Eat More Vegetables

Seriously, eat more vegetables. Explore a nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle, eat balanced meals, and get excited about seasonal veggies. They’re loaded with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Fiber is your friend for maintaining a healthy weight.


2. Celebrate Each — and Every — Win

woman celebrating and dancing | crush the rest of the year

“Do more of what you enjoy, McWaine says. “Laugh often and love freely. Life is what you choose to make it. Go make it awesome.”


1. Treat Yourself

It is deeply satisfying to look back and say “I did it!” So join the Treat Yourself Challenge now.