Embrace those Household Distractions and Use Them to Get Some Exercise

Embrace those Household Distractions and Use Them to Get Some Exercise

Working from home is already hard enough, but working out from home? It can feel impossible. There are so many awesome comforts around the house, like TV, streaming services, wine, bed, and snacks. Not to mention, some of us have children (both human and furry) who demand constant attention.

It can feel like everything about being home wants to mess with your energy, time, and motivation to work out. But we can outsmart these distractions. Learn to work with your nemesis, and nothing will be able to stand between you and a six-pack. Here are five ways to work home distractions into your workout!

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1. Work Out With Your Kids. Literally.

distractions exercise - workout with kids

If you’ve got small children, finding an hour for yourself can be challenging. Try to find ways to work out as a family. A few suggestions include:

  • Playing tag or jumping on a trampoline outside.
  • Kick a soccer ball around, or teach them a thing or two about shooting hoops.
  • Your fur babies count, too. Take the dog for a jog around the block or to the dog park.
  • Turn those kiddos into the cutest weights ever.

“It’s time you can spend together as a family being silly and having fun, while also enhancing your workout,” says Fabian Traugutt, NASM-Certified Personal Trainer, and creator of his signature workout F-BOMB in New York City.

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2. Turn Exercise Into Date Night

You might be stuck at home together, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your romantic time. Date nights are great for staying emotionally close to your partner, so why not feed two birds with one scone?

Turn date night at home into a fitness-based bonding activity, like getting playfully competitive with a game of HORSE or creating a fun military-style bootcamp in the backyard. Nobody said date night couldn’t get dirty! Wait…

You can also stream a workout and challenge each other to beat your last push-up count, improve your wall sit, or increase your bench press weight. The point is to do it together, encourage one another, and make it fun!


3. Try Shorter Workouts Throughout the Day

distractions exercise - woman working out at home

One way to beat distractions is to try shorter, 10-minute workouts throughout the day (like 600 Secs by Openfit!), so you’re not asking yourself to set aside tons of time.

You could aim for 10 minutes in the morning when you first wake up, 10 minutes during your lunch break, and 10 minutes while the kids are taking a bath or already asleep.

It’s much easier to imagine resisting those temptations when it’s for little bits of time, instead of huge blocks.


4. Stack Workouts With Other Chores

You’ve got to clean (at some point, at least), so why not use cleaning and other chores as a pairing for your exercise habit?

Make it a fun game, like “I’ll do 20 squats with every new surface that I wipe down,” or timing yourself to sweep, dust, and clean the floors as quickly as possible. It’s also a great way to get the entire family involved!


5. Turn Home Distractions Into Useful Workout Tools

working out distractions - stretching in front of tv

Distracted by the TV? Pulled toward your booze-filled refrigerator? Use your home’s distractions to your advantage, like using commercial breaks to practice some yoga poses or stretch, using beer bottles as Barre weights, or letting the general anxiety of cable news get your heart racing.

Can’t put your new favorite book down?

“If you’re able to read while working out, you can read while on the stationary bike or walking on the treadmill,” suggests Traugutt.

You can also watch TV shows, catch up on social media, or flip through a magazine from the stationary bike.