Get Strong with Kelsey Heenan, Exclusively on Openfit

Get Strong with Kelsey Heenan, Exclusively on Openfit

For years, there’s been a stigma around strength training. That it’s not really for women. That it makes a person look “bulky.”

“Not true,” says Kelsey Heenan. “Getting strong is for everyone. And it’s the key to creating the look you really want.”

That’s what Kelsey envisioned when she developed short, effective strength training workouts that take only four weeks to deliver results. Kelsey shows you how to lift weights the right way to sculpt strong, defined muscles. And she keeps it fun along the way.

Exclusively on Openfit, anyone with a membership can do Get Strong with Kelsey Heenen, join her Facebook group, and engage with a community that’s dedicated to getting strong together.

Join Kelsey and her cast — drawn from members of the Openfit community — for your new favorite total-body strength-and-cardio workout, exclusively on Openfit.


Who Is Kelsey Heenan?

who is Kelsey Heenan -- get strong with Kelsey Heenan

Kelsey Heenan is an MBSC certified functional strength coach and a Precision Nutrition certified nutrition coach who has helped thousands of clients, including celebrities, professional athletes, and Olympians, reach their goals.

She’s known for designing challenging, effective programs that get results — including 4 Weeks Of Focus, which she created with Shay Mitchell and Stephanie Shepherd.

She also helps her clients improve their relationships with food and exercise, which is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“Instead of having to be ‘perfect’ in your life, I want you to think about how you can make progress,” says Kelsey. “That’s gonna get you there.”


What Can You Expect From Kelsey’s Workouts?

what can you expect -- get strong with Kelsey Heenan

Each week during Kelsey’s month-long program you’ll do five, 30-minute workouts that focus on resistance training, high-intensity cardio, core work, and mobility to help you build the lean, strong, athletic body you’ve always wanted.

You’ll be training with Kelsey and her friendly cast — comprised entirely of Openfit members — all making progress together. There’s an on-screen modification move for every exercise, so no matter your fitness level, you can always keep up.

We also have your nutrition covered. When you sign up for Kelsey’s workouts on Openfit, you’ll get unlimited access to our super-simple One Minute Meal Plan. It’s totally customizable to your goals, helps you track macros, and records your progress along the way.

Want some support and encouragement along the way? Join Kelsey’s Facebook group and connect with people just like you, looking to get fit, healthy, and strong — both physically and mentally.

Kelsey Heenan workout calendar

Download the calendar here for an easy way to stay on track.


How Do You Get Started?

how do you get started -- get strong with Kelsey Heenan

Simply sign up for an Openfit membership and download the Openfit app. You can access Kelsey’s Get Strong workouts in the “Programs” tab on the home dashboard.

In the weeks to come, look for more exclusive workout programs designed by some of the fitness world’s most popular influencers, including names you’ll definitely recognize. Join their classes, follow along on social media, and mingle with our vast, growing fitness community on Openfit.


What Is Openfit?

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