Get More Out of Your Xtend Barre Workouts With Xtend Barre Live

Get More Out of Your Xtend Barre Workouts With Xtend Barre Live

Maybe you’ve done the Xtend Barre program a few times and you’re looking for a fresh approach and new moves. Or maybe you want to start XB, but somehow it always gets pushed to the bottom of your to-do list for the day. In either case, Xtend Barre Live is the perfect fit. Here are five top reasons to take an Openfit Live Xtend Barre class:

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1. Accountability

While it’s great to have XB options available on demand anytime, many people benefit from knowing they have to sign up for XB Live classes, which are held at specific times, similar to an in-person group fitness class.

“When you have it on the schedule for a certain time, it’s like you’re making an appointment for yourself,” says XB Live trainer Sarah Soares. “You can’t put it off to fit more work into the day, for example. You need to show up at that time. And let’s face it, showing up is a major part of success.”


2. Live Trainer for Form

Another big part of achieving results is doing XB moves in the proper way. Since the XB trainer can see you, it’s easy for them to help you with your form.

For example, Soares says newcomers sometimes use a chair that’s too short as their “barre.” That will make it difficult, if not impossible, to maintain correct alignment in certain moves. Swapping in a different chair or another stable object that’s at the right height can make a big difference, she says.

Trainers can also share tips on form, like relaxing the shoulders or placing the feet in a different position. These might seem minor, but they can have a significant impact.

“If your feet aren’t in the right position, the rest of the body won’t fall into place,” explains Soares. “You might be putting your knees at risk or tightening your shoulders. Without someone looking at you, it makes it harder to do these corrections.”


3. More Variety

For Live classes, trainers like to mix it up by putting together fresh combinations of moves, Soares says. Many movements will be familiar if you’ve been doing XB for a while, but not knowing what’s coming next can keep you focused and paying attention.

“The convenience of the recorded XB sessions is fantastic,” says Soares. “But when you know everything that’s coming next, there’s a danger that you might go on autopilot through the moves. That could cause you to lose focus on the body part that’s working, and it won’t be as effective.”


4. Feeling Seen and Heard

Whether you need form adjustments or not, it’s simply nice to be seen, Soares says. Similar to an in-person group fitness class, a trainer saying, “Looks great, Jenny!” or “Nice form, Danielle!” can give you a little boost.

“Sometimes, I just say, ‘I see you working,’ and that can cause someone to challenge themselves a bit more,” says Soares. “When you feel tired or it seems hard to keep going, that might be all you need for more motivation.”


5. Goal Setting

If you are an XB Live regular, you can share your goals with your trainer, so you can work together, Soares says. For example, you might say you’re trying to do a teaser for longer, or that you’d like to master roll-ups.

“When I know your goals, I can give cues specific to those,” Soares says. “For example, when the teaser comes, I’ll look at you and give a little extra push to stay in the pose for longer, if I know you’re working on that.”

It’s also helpful to draw on the community, she adds. Every class has a group chat, and there’s also an Openfit Teammates group on Facebook where people often discuss the XB Live classes.

“Just because you might be doing the class alone at home doesn’t mean you’re doing it on your own,” says Soares. “That’s a major benefit of XB Live, that you’re part of a community, and we’re all working together.”