The 11 Best Halloween Costumes for Fitness Freaks

The 11 Best Halloween Costumes for Fitness Freaks

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Fitness Halloween costumes are the perfect look for anyone who’s obsessed with being healthy — they’re comfy, easy to pull together, and best of all: you can work out in them! With these 10 exercise-friendly Halloween costumes, you’ll have no excuse missing the gym this Hallows’ Eve.

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1. Jane Fonda


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Pay homage to one of the most beloved fitness and style icons in the game with this easy DIY Jane Fonda look. Just grab a leotard and some bright tights. And of course… poofy hair is a must!


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2. Richard Simmons


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Quirky and outlandish, Richard Simmons definitely had a signature look. For this exercise-friendly Halloween costume you’ll need a bright tank, red-striped hot shorts, tube socks, tennies, a sweatband, and wild hair. (Get the full costume here.) The finishing touch is an upbeat attitude!


3. Character from GLOW


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If you love glitter and spandex, this Halloween costume idea is for you. Pick from one of Netflix’s Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW) characters and go solo, or turn it into a group fitness halloween costume!


4. Fitness Couple

fitness couple costume- fitness halloween costumes

Couples who work out together stay together: show off your buff biceps and thick thighs as a couple this Halloween. Throw on your best athleisure and grab some props like a water bottle or jump rope — just maybe leave the 300 lb. deadlift bar in the gym.


5. Black Swan


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Go from sweet to scary with the dark, edgy, ballerina-gone-bad look from Black Swan. What you’ll need: all black dance attire, black wings, and fierce makeup. Grab a stunning black tutu here.


6. Final Five Olympics Gymnastics Team


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Looking for the ultimate fitness-inspired group costume? The Final Five Gymnasts of 2016’s Olympics is a total nod to female badassery. You can go the leotard route or don a USA track suit — just don’t forget your gold medals!


7. Sporty Spice


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I’ll tell ya what ya want, what you really, really want: to be as comfy on Halloween as Sporty Spice always looked!


8. Referee

referee costume- fitness costumes

When you’re in need of a last-minute Halloween costume that still portrays your love of sports and fitness, a referee is your best bet. Throw on a white and black striped shirt, grab a whistle and your ball of choice, and you’re set!


9. Juno


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If you or your partner has a bun in the oven, this couples costume is beyond easy to pull together. Mamma only needs an orange and white stripped shirt, and Dad can wear Paulie Bleeker’s track practice get-up of a headband and yellow workout short shorts.


10. Tough Mudder Team


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Re-live your Tough Mudder glory days of conquering grueling obstacles with this super easy group Halloween costume. Not only does it give you an excuse to break out your Finisher’s headband, but it’s a great conversation starter, too!

Have a furry friend? Don’t worry — he can also be a part of this group costume.


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11. Kale


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Ok, so this isn’t a “workout” costume exactly, but healthy eating is totally a part of that fit life! Plus, you eat kale so much, why not dress up like it for Halloween?


Fitness Halloween Costume Ideas

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