8 Fun Gifts for the Fitness Lover

8 Fun Gifts for the Fitness Lover

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On the hunt for that perfect gift for your most health-obsessed friend (or yourself)? Maxed out your yearly candle or bath bomb supply?

We get it, shopping for friends and family can be tough. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of tailor-made products for the fitness nut in your life. Gift your loved one something they’ll actually use and appreciate with these fun, functional, and fitness-inspired gifts they’re sure to love!

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8 Great Gifts Fitness Fans Will Love

1. Self-Cleaning Water Bottle, $95 (LARQ)

LARQ self cleaning water bottle fitness gift

A gift that keeps on… cleaning? Using UV-C LED light, the revolutionary self-cleaning LARQ water bottle eliminates and purifies up to 99.9% of bio-contaminants from your water every two hours, automatically. With just a touch of a button, your loved one can be sure their water stays fresh, healthy, and yuck-free.

2. Smoothie Box, $75 (Daily Harvest)

4 Daily Harvest smoothie boxes

Send your BFF nine quick, easy, and healthy meals with this ready-to-blend fruit and veggie smoothie box from Daily Harvest. The box comes with 9 cups they can store in the freezer and then blend up whenever they’re craving a healthy smoothie for breakfast or as a snack. Flavors include Mint & Cacao, Banana & Greens, Pineapple & Matcha, and more.

Need an easy post-workout smoothie? Try this delicious Chocolate Mint Shake featuring LADDER Whey Protein.

3. URBNFit Exercise Ball (Amazon)

URBNFit exercise ball fitness gift

Get your pal a multipurpose exercise ball (also called stability ball) to help them up their exercise game. This one from URBNFit is anti-burst, high-grip, non-slip, and can withstand up to 2,000 lbs. of pressure! A new office chair, a birthing ball, and an exercise ball all rolled into one? That ought to cover you for the next three birthdays at least, right?!

4. LQDCELL Shatter XT Women’s Training Shoes, $90 (Puma)

Puma women's training shoes

This Puma LQDCELL Shatter shoe is the perfect gift for the badass woman in your life who shatters all stereotypes in the workplace… and the gym.

With a vivid colorway, breathable semi-knitted upper, zoned rubber outsole, and PROFOAM for optimal energy return and internal heel support, she’ll be smashing even the toughest HIIT workouts.

5. Trideer Pro Grade Boxing Gloves (Amazon)

Trideer boxing gloves fitness gift

Treat the fighter in your life to a brand new pair of durable, breathable, comfortable, and supportive boxing gloves to help them level up their next match. These boxing gloves from Trideer use high hydrolysis resistance PU leather; anti-seismic, moisture-proof, anti-chemical, and non-toxic foam; a silken cotton inner; and air holes to keep hands dry!

6. SPRI 6-Sided Exercise Dice (Amazon)

2 yellow SPRI 6-sided exercise dice

Help your friend keep their fitness game fresh and exciting with a fun pair of exercise dice! These six-sided fitness dice from SPRI come with workouts on one side and rep counts printed on the other, a great way to turn a group hang into a blood-pumping sweat sesh.

Exercises include: jumping jackscrunchessquatspush-ups, lunges, and a wildcard of the user’s choosing. If you say burpees, we’re never playing this with you again.

7. E Tronic Edge Waist Pack Running Belt (Amazon)

woman wearing a waist pack running belt

For the friend who can never seem to part ways with their phone, a running belt is just what they’ve been waiting for. This lightweight and durable belt comes with a spacious water-resistant zipper pocket to store any size phone and keep it safe from water or scratches, a reflective strip for better nighttime visibility, and can even be used as a travel money belt or a hands-free purse!

8. NewMe Fitness Stretching Flexibility Exercise Cards (Amazon)

pack of stretching exercise cards fitness gift

If your bud needs a little boost to get those post-workout stretches in, gift them 50 of the best stretching exercises printed on easy-to-read workout cards. These home fitness cards illustrate the correct start/finish positions to ensure safe and effective stretching. Here’s a few more stretches you might enjoy while you wait for them to arrive.