7 Handy Openfit App Features You May Be Missing Out On

7 Handy Openfit App Features You May Be Missing Out On

If you’re an Openfit member, you likely already know the Openfit app lets you access on-demand and live classes from anywhere. Plus, your dashboard keeps it all in one place, so you can just click and sweat.

But the app is much more than a digital fitness organizer. If you haven’t taken time to explore it fully, here’s a quick guide to the indispensable features you might be missing. It’s super easy to download and use, so start there and get going!

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1. Setting Streaks to Crush Goals

Aiming to take a class every day is a helpful goal that can keep you on track, but not everyone has that ability, time, or interest. That’s why you can customize your goals to work out a certain number of days per week. But how can you create a sense of reward?

That’s where the Streaks function comes in. You can set your weekly goal based on the number of workouts you want to do each week. That ranges from one per week to taking on daily workouts. Once you commit to a goal, you can even have the app set up workout reminders for you. Plus, you’ll be able to see how many weeks you’ve stayed in a streak right at the top of your dashboard.


2. In-Depth Meal and Macro Tracking

No more toggling between a food tracker app and the Openfit app! You can do it all in one place. You can even choose a larger goal in order to improve the personal recommendations the app gives you. For instance, the nutrition section of the app asks what you’re trying to achieve:

  • Lose weight
  • Build strength
  • Increase flexibility
  • Improve cardio fitness
  • Improve sleep

With one of those larger aims as your goal, you can create an individualized profile that will suggest a recommended amount of daily calories. And it suggests what you should be eating in terms of your macros — carbs, fat, and protein. You can adjust your calorie target if you decide to pick a different goal.

Plus, you can exclude certain foods or individual ingredients based on your lifestyle, dietary preferences, or allergies.


3. Meal Scanning for Effortless Tracking

openfit meal scanner

If you want to track your meals but are short on time, there’s a handy meal scanner that works with the camera on your mobile device. This innovative tool calculates the nutrition in your favorite meals and foods simply by scanning a photo.

The scanner works with actual foods, barcodes, or food packaging. Get step-by-step instructions (including a helpful video) for this easy, time-saving tool.


4. Heart Rate Tracker for Targeted Fitness

All Openfit workouts are centered on the science of heart rate training, which helps tailor your workout to your fitness level and goals and helps you get the most out of them. With a real-time, on-screen readout of your heart rate and calorie burn, the Heart Rate Tracker helps you manage your workouts for optimal results, while avoiding injury and “workout burnout” caused by overtraining. Monitoring your heart rate during workouts shows when you’re going too hard or too easy, or if you’ve hit the sweet spot where you can make the best progress.

The Openfit Heart Rate Tracker works together with the Openfit app to integrate your compatible heart rate monitor with any of the on-demand workouts. That allows you to see your heart rate, as well as calories burned, right on your app screen throughout the workout. Once your class ends, you’ll see a summary of stats, including average heart rate, maximum heart rate, and total calories burned.


5. 1,000+ Recipes for Meals and Snacks

If you’re looking for ideas about what to eat, the Openfit app has you covered there, too. The recipe section gives you plenty of options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all using a streamlined ingredient list and 30-minutes-or-less cooking time guideline. To date, there are over 1,000 recipes!

From smoothies and recovery shakes to simple snacks and hearty meals, the app has an array of recipes that are easy to follow. To organize it all more easily, you can bookmark recipes and also rate them to find your favorites faster.

The filter function lets you select recipes based on different Openfit programs — like OMMP and Sugar Free 3. You can filter for recipes that include your favorite Ladder supplements, a certain cuisine (if you’re craving Latin American, Asian, or Italian food, for example), or the max cooking time (super helpful if you want a quick meal). Plus, being able to filter out foods you don’t eat or dislike is awesomely convenient.

Finally using the Groceries tab, you can load up all your meals a day (or few) ahead, then the app will automatically generate a list of all the ingredients you need to prepare and cook those meals.


6. Download Workouts to Take on the Go

downloaded openfit workouts

Yes, you can access dozens of live workouts daily, along with hundreds in the Openfit program library. But did you know you could also download workouts for when you’re offline? This option is so helpful for those times when you’re traveling or dealing with a slow connection.

Heading to a remote location for a few days, but worried about breaking your streaks? The app has you covered! Downloading a collection of on-demand workouts allows you to keep your streaks, which is particularly helpful if you’re a digital nomad, road warrior, or heading somewhere without stable internet.


7. Honest & Helpful Product Reviews and FAQs

You might be looking to try something new, like the Superfood Greens Sampler or LADDER Pre-Workout, but you’re still not sure you want to commit. Why not tap into your Openfit community and experts for their thoughts?

Under the shopping tab on the Openfit app, you can browse products. Not only do they have all the info on the products themselves (including label guarantees like NSF for Sport Certification), but you can also read reviews from other members. And unlike some sites, they don’t put up only the five-star positive ones — although there are certainly plenty of those.

Products also have answers to frequently asked questions. For example, with the pre-workout, you can learn the best way to take that supplement and why it contains beta-alanine.