Your Favorite Fictional Characters Meal Kits

Your Favorite Fictional Characters Meal Kits

Ever wondered what would happen if Eleven from Stranger Things was in charge of meal planning for your favorite meal kit delivery service? No? Honestly, we hadn’t either — that is, until we saw the hilarious fictional meal kits dreamed up by graphic designer Brittnee Bade.

While researching meal kit delivery service options, Bade — who is clearly next-level when it comes to falling into internet rabbit holes — started wondering what it would look like if her favorite movie, TV, and literary characters had their own meal kits. Bade created illustrations based on these imaginary meal kits and sent them to her editors at the website Top 10 — who, thankfully, shared the illustrations so the rest of us could enjoy them.

Here are a few of our favorite (but unfortunately 100% fictional) meal kit delivery services. You can check out the full list here.

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Stranger Things Meal Kit

This Stranger Things-inspired “Eggo Brinner” meal kit includes El’s beloved brand of waffles, along with sugary toppings like syrup and candy — just what you need to recharge your telekinetic powers.

Fictional Meal Preps - Stranger Things


Harry Potter Meal Kit

This Harry Potter-themed meal kit includes all the mini pumpkins and butterbeer powder you’ll need to whip up some wizard-approved pumpkin pasties. (Unfortunately for muggles, the recipe requires some advanced spell-casting skills.)

Fictional Meal Preps - Harry Potter


The Avengers Meal Kit

If you still haven’t emotionally recovered from the ending of Endgame, take a cue from the Avengers themselves and decompress over some shawarma. This Super Shawarma meal kit is made with Hulk-smashed spices and cooked in an “iron pan” (get it?).

Fictional Meal Preps - Avengers


Hunger Games Meal Kit

This post-apocalyptic meal kit is just an empty box — but keep your complaints to yourself, because the fine print cautions that anyone requesting a refund “will have their name entered into the drawing for the Hunger Games an additional time.”

Fictional Meal Preps - Hunger Games