Get Moving With Your Favorite Stars & Trainers — With Every Step Celebrity Walks!

Get Moving With Your Favorite Stars & Trainers — With Every Step Celebrity Walks!

Imagine having a fun and engaging — perhaps even famous — companion to keep you company on your walks. Someone to entertain you, pique your curiosity, and answer your questions about health and fitness — a world-class motivator who can help monitor your progress and keep you on pace.

Now you can… with Every Step Celebrity Walks exclusively on the Openfit app!

Take your favorite stars and trainers with you on the road or treadmill with Openfit’s Every Step Celebrity Walks! Sign up here for free.


What Are Every Step Celebrity Walks?

Every Step Celebrity Walks are live 15- or 25-minute walking classes, each led by a star or an Openfit celebrity trainer. They’ll share stories from their personal lives, offer fitness and nutrition tips, and can even answer your questions in real time about their favorite movies, shows, food, and workouts — all while you get your steps in and chat with the rest of the class participants.

Like all our Openfit classes, Celebrity Walks are designed to make exercise fun — a great way to make new friends and engage with a supportive community that keeps you coming back for more. In the months ahead, you’ll enjoy walking with — and learning from — top names from the sports world, Hollywood, and the health and fitness industry.

The time just flies. Before you know it, Every Step Celebrity Walks will become the best part of your day!


Which Celebrities Are Joining?

At launch, you can take a walk with celebrity trainers Andrea Rogers and Jen Widerstrom, as well as movie star and fitness icon Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

arnold every step celebrity walk

Join the former governor on his four themed walks where he’ll share stories from his early career, offer personal fitness and nutrition tips, and much more:

  • Walk with Arnold: Hollywood (30 min.) – How Arnold got started in Hollywood and later landed his most famous movie roles.
  • Walk with Arnold: How I Stay Fit (15 min.) – His personal motivation tips, why he loves bodybuilding, and his favorite healthy foods.
  • Walk with Arnold: Dad Duty (15 min.) – His favorite parenting stories and the lessons he’s learned as a father and a husband.
  • Walk with Arnold: Pets & Superheroes (15 min.) – Step into the everyday world of Arnold Schwarzenegger as he talks about his pets (did you know he has a donkey?), and shares the story of how his new animated series, Kindergarten Superhero, came to life.

Andrea Rogers

andrea every step celebrity walk

Here’s your chance to walk with Xtend Barre creator and Openfit fitness phenom Andrea Rogers as she answers your questions and leads your walk in real time in four live Every Step sessions:

  • Walk with Andrea: Xtend Barre (25 min.) – Submit your questions in chat to ask about Andrea’s workout programs, healthy living, and anything else fitness-related.
  • Walk with Andrea: Mom & More (25 min.) – Andrea’s inspiring take on being a busy mom and finding time to enjoy family life.
  • Walk with Andrea: Beauty & Fashion (25 min.) – Explore her favorite beauty secrets and fashion tips on your daily walk.
  • Walk with Andrea: Healthy Eating (25 min.) – Ask Andrea about her favorite foods and recipes, including smoothies, snacks, and more.

Jen Widerstrom

jen widerstrom every step celebrity walk

Lace up and get walking with TV star and Openfit trainer Jen Widerstrom as she guides your steps and shares her personal stories in four live walking classes:

  • Walk with Jen W: Fitness and Motivation (25 min.) – Jen’s secrets for getting started, staying motivated, and enjoying small victories along the way.
  • Walk with Jen W: Nutrition (25 min.) – Use your chat to ask Jen about her favorite foods and snacks, how to eat right when you’re in a hurry, and more.
  • Walk with Jen W: Get to Know Jen (25 min.) – Learn what it’s like to be a TV fitness star, plus the people she’s trained, and what she’s learned in the process.
  • Walk with Jen W: Jen’s Favorites (25 min.) – Curious about what Jen’s like outside of fitness? She’ll share her favorite music, hobbies, “dad jokes,” and more!

In the months ahead, be on the lookout for more walks with celebrities from the world of sports, entertainment, and fitness. Be sure to check in here — or on the Openfit app — to learn about the exciting Celebrity Walks we have in store!


How Do I Get Started?

Look for Every Step Celebrity Walks in the Walking section of the Openfit app or on the Live Class Schedule, and sign up for the class of your choice beginning the week of June 21. Moving forward, Friday will be our designated day for Celebrity Walks and Trivia Happy Hours.

Be sure to follow Openfit’s social media channels to stay up to date on the classes scheduled every week.

You don’t need any special equipment — just a sturdy pair of walking shoes and your phone with some earbuds. Then just start moving and having fun!


What Is Every Step?

Every Step is the fun and easy way to get moving and start losing weight! It’s a LIVE class led in real time by a trainer who will help guide you and keep you motivated. Each walk connects you with people from all over the country via chat, so you can meet new people and cheer each other on. Each walk features a DJ-curated playlist of your favorite songs, and themed walks include engaging content, like trivia and games.


What Is Openfit?

Openfit is the digital streaming platform that integrates fitness, nutrition, and wellness together in one place. At Openfit, we provide world-class fitness programs with live trainer-led and on-demand workouts designed to reach any goal, personalized nutrition plans and tracking. As convenient as your smartphone in the palm of your hand, Openfit takes what’s so powerful about boutique, small-group fitness and makes it available to everyone at a fraction of the price. Join us at, on Facebook and Instagram, and download the Openfit app for the full experience.