How Many Questions Can You Get Right in This Every Step Trivia Quiz?

How Many Questions Can You Get Right in This Every Step Trivia Quiz?

Do you know a ton of random facts and bits of trivia that are barely applicable to your everyday life? Do most of your sentences start with “Ackshually…” and “Did you know…”? Or do you think you’re just a really good guesser? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Instead of hitting the bars for trivia night, join us as we hit the trails and treadmills for our live Every Step: Trivia Walk classes. This is when we challenge the brain and the brawn of our Openfit Teammates. From general fitness questions all the way to the diet of red squirrels, we’ll put your knowledge to the test as you get your steps in.

To join an Every Step: Trivia Walk class, sign up for one via the live schedule on Openfit, lace up your shoes, and get moving! In the class, you’ll be asked multiple choice and true-or-false questions on a range of topics. Send your answer in the group chat and see how you match up against our toughest and trivia buff-est Teammates.

Check out the questions from a previous Every Step: Trivia Walk class to get a taste of what you can expect!

But even if trivia isn’t your strong suit, Every Step has something for everyone. Whether it’s jamming out to DJ Kenny’s favorite workout songs or playing iSpy to make your walks feel more like road trips, we help you have fun while you stay active.

Pump up your walking workouts with the games, music, and trivia of Every Step on Openfit. Try it here for free!