15 Egg Gadgets for People Who Love Eggs

15 Egg Gadgets for People Who Love Eggs

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Eggs are chart-toppers in the realm of healthy foods — they’re a good source of protein and other nutrients — but for some, cooking with them can be a headache.

You might remember your mom bent over the sink, scrubbing a scrambled-egg skillet after Saturday-morning breakfast. Or Julia Child flipping a perfect omelet on TV with a wrist maneuver that only she knew.

But today, there is a broad spectrum of inexpensive gadgets that will help you cook healthy egg dishes with maximum convenience and minimum mess. Here are some of our favorites.

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1. Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

It’s so inexpensive, you’d never guess it would work so well. But the Dash hard-boiled egg cooker ($18.50) has become a staple of my weekly meal prep. Eggs always come out at the right consistency, and they peel perfectly (a miracle in itself).


2. PowCube Deluxe Steamer Egg Boiler

If you’re cooking for a family or a big brunch crowd, the PowCube ($28) takes egg cooking to the next level. The multiple tiers allow you to hard-boil 14 eggs at once, or cook seven one the lower level while steaming a bunch of veggies up top.


3. Silicone Egg Rings

These silicone egg rings ($8) make it easy to cook uniform-sized and -shaped eggs for the whole family at one crack, in the same skillet.


4. Stainless Steel Egg Separator

Some of us are skilled at separating egg yolks from whites in the shell. The rest of us could use a little help. That’s why this egg separator ($6.50) is a great thing — it partitions out egg whites efficiently, without waste.


5. Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

This breakfast sandwich maker ($40) will rescue you from those fast-food breakfast cravings. You can easily make toasty egg sandwiches, packing in your favorite veggies for an added boost of nutrition.


6. Rollie Automatic Vertical Egg Cooker

If you have a total aversion to pots and pans, this vertical egg cooker ($18.50) is for you! Just crack an egg inside, push the button, and in a few minutes, you’ll have an “omelet roll” you can serve with steamed veggies, in a whole-grain bun, or lettuce wrap.


7. Breakfast Burrito Maker

Now every breakfast can be a fiesta! This combination egg cooker and tortilla warmer ($53) lets you make restaurant-quality breakfast burritos at home.


8. OXO Silicone Egg Rack

Rack ’em up: If you have an Instant Pot or another pressure cooker, this silicone egg rack ($11) makes it easy to hard-boil a bunch of eggs inside them.


9. Egg Bites Molds

Egg bites make excellent on-the-go snacks, and these molds ($16) make them super-easy to prepare and store for later.


10. Microwave Omelet Pan

You could sweat bullets over YouTube videos of Julia Child’s and Martha Stewart’s skills at making perfect pillowy omelets over the stove. Or you could pick up this microwave omelet maker ($5.50), which will make a fluffy egg entree while you Snapchat.


11. Endurance 4-Egg Poacher Set

If you’re a fan of smooth, soft poached eggs, this classy nonstick set ($39) makes preparation a snap. Pair with asparagus and mushrooms for a brunch treat.


12. Sistema Easy Eggs Microwave Cooker

Super-simple for the super-busy, these individual egg cookers ($7) let you make eggs sunny-side up, scrambled, as omelets, or in muffins — in 60 seconds, in the microwave.


13. Mind Reader Refrigerator Egg Holder

Refrigerator-space efficiency is a challenge — and quirkily shaped egg cartons are no help. Enter these clear linear, stackable egg drawers ($16), which can help you eat clean without cluttering up — or running out.


14. Zwilling Carrara Nonstick Ceramic Fry Pans

If you’re a traditionalist who wouldn’t dream of making eggs anywhere but at the stove, we’re here for you. Eggs skate across the surface of these nonstick ceramic fry pans ($49-$129), which are free of harmful chemicals.


15. Peleg Design Arthur Egg Cup Holder

Serve up your hard- or soft-boiled creations in these irresistibly cute holders ($13). Have your knights battle to see who is the most egg-cellent!