10 Eco-Friendly Workout Brands You'll Feel Good About Wearing

10 Eco-Friendly Workout Brands You'll Feel Good About Wearing

When you’re looking for eco-friendly fitness brands, it’s important to know where your workout apparel comes from and how it’s made. Good news: Each of these 10 manufacturers employ ethical and sustainable production processes, so you can shop and sweat responsibly. Here are 10 of our favorite sustainable workout brands.

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1. Reprise Activewear

eco friendly workout gear - reprise active

This plant-based line provides a natural alternative to polyester-based workout clothing. Their two styles of leggings are super stretchy and have a wide waistband, making them ideal for low-impact workouts like yoga (or just lounging around at home).

Product we love: Aspen Leggings


2. Swiftwick Socks

eco friendly fitness gear - swiftwick sock

All of Swiftwick’s ultra-comfy, no-slip socks are made in the U.S. using a signature fiber called Olefin, which requires less energy and water to produce than other common sock materials (and also produces less waste). The brand also uses minimal, plastic-free packaging.

Product we love: VIBE ZERO Trail and Road Running Socks


3. Girlfriend Collective

eco friendly fitness gear - girlfriend collective

“Don’t make waste. Wear it.” That’s the motto for this eco-friendly activewear brand that makes cute and comfy leggings, tees, and tanks from recycled materials like fishing nets and 100% post-consumer water bottles.

Product we love: Compressive High-Rise Legging


4. Unbound Merino

eco friendly workout gear - unbound merino

Wool workout gear?! Yes! Unbound Merino wool is durable, lightweight, sweat-wicking, antibacterial, odor-resistant­, and a renewable resource. Even better, it’s a renewable and biodegradable fabric that’s ethically sourced from independent farms. And these comfy tees can be worn for multiple workouts before needing to be washed — hello, water saver!

Product we love: Black Merino V-Neck T-shirts


5. Cotopaxi

Image result for cotopaxi teca lightweight half-zip windbreaker

Cotopaxi puts a portion of profits toward addressing poverty across the world, so you can feel great about your workout for more than one reason. For the most eco-friendly items, shop the brand’s Teca and Del Dia collections — their bright, unique colorways are created using leftover remnants from other companies’ large production runs.

Product we love: Teca Unisex Lightweight Packable Half-Zip Windbreaker


6. Wolven

Led by a team of artists and activists, Wolven’s mission is to “make sustainability sexy.” Their line includes leggings and workout tops in fun, colorful patterns — and they’re made with super-soft, sustainable fabrics like recycled P.E.T. (made by breaking down plastic water bottles) and carbon-neutral modal (derived from beachwood pulp).

Product we love: Reverie Legging


7. Athleta

Printed Mesh Racer Run Short 4&#34

This popular activewear brand is know for their stylish, high-quality workout tops, sports bras, shorts, and leggings. Up to 60 percent of their materials are currently made with sustainable fibers like recycled nylon and organic cotton — and the company has a goal of increasing that to 80 percent this year.

Product we love: Printed Mesh Racer Run Short


8. Cariloha

Image result for Cariloha-Bamboo-Sleeveless-Coastal-Small

This eco-friendly workout brand offers lightweight, breathable apparel in its Bamboo Fit collection. Because bamboo is a fast-growing crop that requires no fertilizer and is self-regenerating, it’s considered more sustainable than materials such as polyester.

Product we loveBamboo Sleeveless Core Tank


9. Satva

Image result for Satva Organic Cotton Tank Top Camisole

This affordable line is partnered with a socially-conscious organic cotton production corporation in India, and their comfy workout apparel is made with sustainable fabrics and non-toxic plant based dyes.

Product we love: Organic Cotton Tank Top with Shelf Bra


10. Yogavated

eco friendly workout geat - yogavated

This eco-friendly workout brand was founded by two sustainably minded fashion designers with a goal of keeping their carbon footprint as small as possible. From leggings to sports bras, every product in this line is handmade in the U.S. using fabrics recycled from big-box retail brands — and in turn, Yogavated collects all the scrap produced from their own production and repurposes it to make items like headbands and dog beds.

Product we love: Duality Reversible Yogavator Bra


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