15 Cute (and Healthy!) Easter Treats to Put You in Spring Mode

15 Cute (and Healthy!) Easter Treats to Put You in Spring Mode

What better way to usher in the spring season than making some festive Easter treats? Try one of these tasty recipes — they’re not only adorable, but healthier than the average Easter treats. Serve them for dessert after Easter brunch, or whenever you’re looking for healthy snack ideas for your family. You won’t even miss the candy!

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1. Peanut-Free Easter Eggs

easter treats - peanut butter eggs

These treats are packed with nutty flavor — but they’re made with allergy-friendly sunflower seed butter and vegan chocolate chips.

Get the recipe here.


2. Hardboiled Eggs with Homemade Easter Dye

easter treats - dyed eggs

When it comes to healthy Easter treats, it doesn’t get much simpler than the super-easy, single-ingredient hard-boiled egg. Make them festive by using all natural ingredients — like turmeric and beets — to dye them in pretty pastel hues.

Get the recipe here.


3. Honey Sweetened Orange Julius

easter treats - orange julius

Start your Easter morning with a healthier twist on on the classic mall favorite. This refreshing version is made with a fresh orange, almond milk, and vanilla extract.

Get the recipe here.


4. Peach Strawberry Popsicles

easter treats - popsicles

These spring-hued chilly treats are made with only five ingredients — strawberries, bananas, peaches, almond milk, and maple syrup — and provide some fiber thanks to the fruit.

Get the recipe here.


5. Mini Pecan Pies

easter treats - mini pecan pies

Traditional Easter pies can be loaded with calories and sugar, but you can satisfy your cravings with these yummy bite-sized versions instead — each mini pie contains just 61 calories and 4 grams of sugar.

Get the recipe here.


6. Kombucha Lemon Gummies

easter treats - kombucha gummies

Skip the sweet-and-sour gummy candy in favor of this Paleo-friendly homemade version, which is made from lemon, ginger, and fresh kombucha for probiotics.

Get the recipe here.


7. Healthy Vegan Carrot Cake with Cashew Frosting

easter treats - carrot cake

Filled with warming spices, this wholesome Easter cake is an easy dessert you’ll want to snack on year-round. The creamy cashew frosting is so good you’ll want to lick from the spoon, but go easy to avoid racking up extra calories and sugar.

Get the recipe here.


8. Homemade Gummy Fruit Snacks

easter treats - Homemade Fruit Snacks

Made with fresh fruit, gelatin, and two scoops of Tropical Fruit Ladder Pre-Workout, these homemade gummy snacks can help you power through your next workout. These can be made in a standard baking dish, or pick up a bunny-shaped mold for an extra-festive touch.

Get the recipe here.


9. Basic Banana Nice Cream

easter treats - Nice Cream

Nothing says spring quite like fruit-flavored treats. This smooth and creamy homemade nice cream recipe is made with just one ingredient — frozen bananas — but you can switch up the flavor by adding berries, nut butter, cinnamon, cocoa powder, or vanilla extract.

Get the recipe here.


10. Carrot Pizza with Carrot Pizza Sauce

easter treats - carrot pizza

Want to sneak more veggies onto your family’s plates? This savory snack has carrots in both the dough and the sauce (hello, vitamin A!). Turn your pizza triangles into Easter bunny-approved carrots by using cooked green beans to create the “carrot tops.”

Get the recipe here.


11. Easter Egg Breakfast Popsicles

easter treats - breakfast popsicles

Pick up an Easter egg-shaped silicone mold to make these easy and nutritious breakfast treats with yogurt, granola, and fruit.

Get the recipe here.


12. Healthy No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Easter Nest Cookies

easter treats - peanut butter cookies

These easy cookies take only 5 minutes to make but will steal the show on any Easter table. Top with a few chocolate egg candies to make them festive!

Get the recipe here.


13. Healthy Oatmeal Peanut Butter Easter Eggs

easter treats - peanut butter eggs

Made with rolled oats, these yummy treats could work for breakfast or as a snack. Boost the cuteness factor with colorful spring sprinkles.

Get the recipe here.


14. Easter Baby Carrots and Fresh Made Hummus

easter treats - carrots and hummus

Once you make your own hummus, it’s hard to go back to store-bought. Serve this homemade hummus in miniature flowerpots with baby carrots on top for a next-level Easter treat.

Get the recipe here.


15. Easter Egg Smoothie Popsicles

easter treats - egg popsicles

Kids can’t resist these festive and fruity popsicles — and you won’t be able to, either! This simple, yummy recipe is made with mixed berries, banana, and coconut milk, but you can always sub in your favorite smoothie recipes.

Get the recipe here.