8 Houseplants That Are Almost Impossible to Kill

8 Houseplants That Are Almost Impossible to Kill

Houseplants are one of the easiest ways to bring life into your home. (Literally…they’re alive.) So it’s no wonder that more and more people are turning to greenery as a form of beautiful home decor! But did you know these botany babies may also carry potential for awesome health benefits?

Some plants can filter out harmful pollutants and chemicals in the air, help boost your mood, concentration, and memory, may help reduce stress and anxiety, and help enhance healing environments for patients. Plus, they can also make your room feel like an exotic jungle, which is pretty neat.

But let’s face it: it can be tough to take care of another living thing when self-care alone can feel like a full time job. Between exercising, meal prepping, sticking to social commitments, and handling work obligations, it’s hard enough to keep yourself afloat, much less keep a bunch of leaves alive.

Luckily, there are a handful of plants that are pretty low-maintenance. To help you enjoy all the benefits of more greenery without the added stress, here are some indoor plants that require minimal attention, making them way harder to kill than most.


8 Houseplants That Are Almost Impossible to Kill

1. Snake Plant

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Here’s a mother-in-law you’ll love having around the house! The snake plant (also called Mother-In-Law’s Tongue) is a beautiful succulent that thrives on neglect. Be sure not to over water it, advises Frank McDonough, Botanist and Botanical Information Consultant for the Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden. Wait until the soil is completely dry before re-hydrating.

With thick, sword-like leaves that can withstand both direct and low sunlight, this plant is highly adaptable to many different growing conditions. Better yet, it’s also one of the best indoor plants for improving air quality — low maintenance and helpful!


2. Peace Lily

Easiest Houseplants

It doesn’t get much more calming than a plant that’s named “Peace Lily.” Known for their hearty, dark green foliage and beautiful white flowers, the Peace Lily is another plant that can withstand the test of hands-off maintenance.

They can handle low light and dislike being watered too much, says McDonough. Basically, leave it alone and don’t annoy it. Just enjoy the views!


3. ZZ Plant

Easiest Houseplants

The superwoman of plants, the ZZ plant (sometimes called Zanzibar Gem or Zamioculcas, if you want to get technical) is basically indestructible. Moderate to medium light levels are best for this plant, and they require very little watering— approximately every two to three weeks in summer and every three to four weeks in winter.

This plant is perfect for wanna-be-gardeners who often travel and aren’t around to water their plants, or for those who simply have a terrible memory. (Psst, it’s time to switch your laundry…)


4. Devil’s Ivy

Easiest Houseplants

Don’t be intimidated by the name — Devil’s Ivy isn’t as devious as it sounds. It’s extremely drought-tolerant, partial to shade, and “performs well at room temperature, not needing extreme heat or cold,” says McDonough. It’s also one of the most beautiful plants to hang on a wall, as its leaves can cascade down anywhere from six to eight feet.

If your Ivy is looking a little sad, make sure you’ve placed it in an area with the correct amount of light. Avoid direct light that may burn its leaves, but let it see a little shine so it isn’t starved for the sun.


5. Cactus

Easiest Houseplants

If a cactus can handle the desert, it can handle your terrible plant-parenting skills. “In the house, watering could be as little as once a month depending on the dryness of the house,” according to agricultural researchers at Texas A&M.

Most cacti, which are a sub-group of succulents, prefer low humidity and some direct light, which is important to consider when thinking about where you want to place it in your home.


6. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Easiest Houseplants

You may have seen the Fiddle Leaf Fig (ficus lyrata) dominating your Instagram feed, and for good reason: these big leaves make a serious statement without occupying much of your time. They love bright, but indirect light and moderate watering — keep it moist, but never soggy.

Just be sure to keep it in it’s happy place: inside. You never want to put an indoor plant outside, McDonough says, since “the outside temps could be low enough to kill the plant. If the plant’s new leaves grow to become used to the outdoors, they will do poorly when again brought inside.”


7. Corn Plant

Easiest Houseplants

Dracaena plants, like the Corn Plant, are known to be some of the most forgiving plants on the market. This green guy loves bright, indirect light, a little bit of water when the surface soil is dry (and reduced watering in winter months), and a warm home environment.

Tip: if you notice dying leaves or pale, dry patches, move your plant to a dimmer light source. And no, despite the name, you shouldn’t expect any ears of corn to sprout.


8. African Violet

Easiest Houseplants

Looking for a pop of color? Pick up this purple beauty! African Violets are great indoor plants to store in a well-lit room, as they thrive in moderately bright light or indirect sunlight. When it comes to hydration, they prefer to be moist, not drenched — you’ll want to allow the soil around roots to dry out completely before watering again.

If you begin to notice dying leaves, assess all possible causes before immediate action, says McDonough. Is the soil too dry or too wet? Is there a drainage hole at the bottom of the plant? Are there any pests on the plant? Is the plant getting too much or too little light? From there, you should be able to bring this violet back to full vibrance.